The Value of an Energetic Do-over

Visualization and imagination — resources for evolution

Have you ever fluffed up badly enough in a personal interaction that you wished for a do-over? I know I have. (You do get my use of the word fluff, right? I get points for creativity and classiness, yes?)

I’ve fluffed things up so badly that a do-over was not possible. An apology was accepted, but access was no longer granted. And, I’ve been in situations where someone else has done the same with me.

Honestly, in some cases, access no longer being granted sometimes speaks to the other person’s unresolved, unacknowledged wounds and limitations, and not necessarily to their boundaries and strengths. Whether it’s effective boundaries or wounds and limitations, that’s theirs, not yours. You can’t change them.

Face it. You’re human, just like me, and you’re bound to fluff things up every now and again. Yet even when a relationship is irreparable, you can still do some important work to evolve your part of the conflagration.

From Perseveration to Energetic Do-over

How much time do you spend rehashing what he said, what she said, what they said, what you said? I used to do lots of this! From my defensive posture, I’d replay scenarios in my mind, fight back harder, or perhaps say what I’d said differently, in the desire to be understood and heard.

It may be cathartic to do this, but there’s actually a more powerful way to find inner resolution and to move past relationship triggers and hurdles into grace and space.

All it takes is a little imagination, a little visualization, and a willingness to evolve and grow!

Truth be told, when you recognize that every difficult interaction is an opportunity to learn and grow, to become more aligned, then you can move forward into future interactions with greater resourcefulness, skill and availability to work things through.

Energetic Do-over Elements

There’s some specific elements that are important to understand:

  • You won’t change the other person by learning to argue more effectively, so avoid making that your goal
  • Energetic do-overs happen through conscious awareness, not your mental energy.
  • Intention is key — becoming more facile, resourceful and self-aware is a pretty good way to focus
  • It’s about evolution, not winning!

You can learn the ins and outs of an energetic do-over in our self-paced course, Feeding Your Spiritual Practice. This is a delicious Entree in our buffet of delectable resources for conscious awareness, evolution and healing.

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