Integrating Evolution: Becoming Who You Are

Most of us are always on the go, doing the things we need to do to keep the trains running on time in our lives. Yet, we know we should take a few moments to ourselves to feed our spiritual side – to meditate, stretch and move our bodies, go within ourselves and do our inner work. And yet, we’re just so busy!

When we DO make it to a yoga class, find the time to meditate, or write in our daily gratitude journal, more often than not, we rush right back into life as soon as we’re done. On to the next important task – jump the shower, hop in the car, dash to work, pop into the grocery store before heading off to the dentist. That’s life, right?

But it’s possible that between your practice and your daily doing, you may be missing one of the most important pieces of all: 

integrating your spiritual practice.

A Story: Barbara and Her Beliefs

Barbara wondered whether she was lovable and desirable as a partner. She had dated quite a few people, but things never worked out with any of them. After a lot of soul-searching and more than a few boxes of tissues, she realized that at the core was her lack of love for herself. Deep down she believed she was unlovable and incapable of attracting a partner who’d appreciate and love her.

After a discussion with me about her situation, she chose to take one of EHI’s courses called Bodacious Belief Systems. She was ready to let go of old, outdated imprints from other times, places and people which colored how she experienced herself. 

Barbara cleared her energy and did the practices, all the while hoping that by doing so she’d finally find a partner. Yet that special someone had not arrived on her doorstep.

In a follow up conversation, I asked her if she had taken the time to observe and notice the changes in her beliefs, and how they conveyed themselves through her actions and self-talk. That stopped her short. She said, “I never stopped to think about monitoring my internal monologue. I’ve never stopped to see how I’ve changed.”

We talked about the value of being present to herself after her practice, and throughout her day, to observe who she was becoming as she evolved her beliefs. 

Finding a partner became a back seat initiative. What took center stage in Barbara’s life? Integrating her spiritual practice. Observing her evolution and validating shifts in her inner narrative, her viewpoint and her actions.

Did Barbara find a partner? Yes. She did. And she’ll be the first person to tell you that her partner materialized when she evolved her inner narrative and beliefs about being lovable. It started, of course, with loving herself.

Integrating Evolution

Spending a few minutes after your spiritual practice, whatever it may be, helps you fully receive the benefit and anchor into new ways of being.

Hungry for more? 

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