Agreements: Made to be Broken!

Free Will Universe – ever heard that phrase before? If you’ve walked by any New Age bookstore, it’s on posters in the windows. If you read posts online – you’ll see it there, too.

Right alongside comments about how we make choices pre-incarnationally that govern our experience in our lifetime.

Circular Logic

Anyone see the faulty logic here?

Free Will Universe and pre-incarnational lessons that govern life’s trajectory. Hmmmm….

A Bit Nutz!
A Bit Nutz!

Is CK the only person who thinks there’s something a little nuts about this juxtaposition of ideas?

People, we either have free will or we don’t. We’re either obligated or we’re not.

We can’t have it both ways!


So what’s your preference?

Chakra Khan loves the idea of Free Will! It means that I get to choose. Every moment of every day. I Get To Choose!

Energetic Agreements

So what about Energetic Agreements? Even if you set them up in advance of your arrival in a body, can you reframe them into Energetic Curiosities?

Power Struggles
Power Struggles

Say you carry energetic agreements that generate relationships with people that are riddled with conflict – or tension, does that mean that your life is destined to be lived out with conflict as a relationship staple?

It will be if you believe that everything is set in stone before you arrived here!

CK doesn’t buy it. And honestly, she doesn’t believe you should buy it either.

But she’s not the Boss of You – you’ll have to choose for yourself.

Free Will Implies Choice

But here’s the thing:

If you believe you live in a Free Will Universe, then you do get to choose.

And you can choose to learn and assimilate your lessons and release your pre-incarnational curiosity about conflict and tension. [Or whatever else you’re exploring through your Energetic Agreements.]

And Move On.

Move On to Something New

Some relationships may fall away – when you’re no longer agreeing to live through tension and conflict, there may be little left to relate to!

No worries, others will emerge to take their place – with a noticeable absence of tension and conflict.

An Example

A few years ago I was a member of a spiritual community. Two people in the community had deep seated power needs that consistently interacted with my own issues with power.

A fabulous power struggle went on for a few years. They’d be angry and ‘power grabbing.’ I’d assert my power and squash the ‘rebellion’.

And then one day I woke up. I acknowledged and owned that I was playing out my agreement to learn about power and powerlessness with these two good people.

And they were playing out their agreements with me.

Enter Choice

I made a choice. I stopped.

I let go of the need for power and moved on with my life. It was a relatively easy experience – letting go, clearing out the power agreements and moving on.

Tear up your agreements – you choose!

Within weeks, they left the community and joined another group. About a year later, I learned from a group member that they were ‘power grabbing’ in this new group.

That’s what happens. You let go – and those who were playing and dancing along with your stuff – either let go too, or they move on. And whatever they choose – it has nothing to do with you!

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