Consciousness IS The Journey

Will’s article last week about Alexander’s book, Proof of Heaven made me laugh.  Out loud.  First of all, no one has EVER confused me with Mohammed.  I’m totally and utterly sure of that.

And no one has taken the journey that I have.  It is well and truly mine.  I’ve journeyed alone, I’ve journeyed in groups, I’ve journeyed in ceremonies, rituals, meditations and gatherings.  And it’s still been solely my journey.

I grew up in a home that was rooted in the teachings of Christian Science.  (You can take a look at my About page to learn a little more about my back story.) My mom used to say that ‘we make our own heaven and we make our own hell.’  In other words, how we’re generating and creating our experiences defines whether or not they’re celestial and lovely or hellacious and fiery.

Not a lot of Christian Science made sense to me; I’m not a huge one for dogma and Thou Shalts.  I do know that I found a lot of truth in the statement about making our own heaven and hell.  I’ve done both.  Repeatedly.

What I do understand about my life is that I’m perennially on a journey and that consciousness is the end goal and that there is no end in sight.  Consciousness is so expansive that there are no borders, no parameters, no signposts that say, Phew!  You made it!  Congratulations, sit down and have some juice and cookies.

A few years ago I saw a commercial – a man surfing the Internet.  There was a sense of time going by – days, weeks, months, years perhaps.  And then a computer beep and a notification that the man had reached the end of the Internet and could now start over.

Have you ever stopped to think that the Internet is a microcosmic metaphor for consciousness?  There’s no end to the amount of information that is available to you in Cyberspace.  And even when you think you’ve seen something in its entirety, an invisible hand can sneak in behind the scenes and post a whole new page that wasn’t there 2 hours ago.  Extraordinary!

That’s the consciousness ride.

For example, 21 years ago, I began reading the Seth/Jane Roberts material.  It changed my life.  It took all of the stuff that I had learned in Christian Science Sunday School and at church, stripped out the dogmatic, God-centric hoo ha and crystallized my thinking about life, experience, consciousness and man.  I read every single Seth book repeatedly for 2 years after discovering the material.

And 21 years later, I’m still reading and learning the material.  Because there is no end to what I can learn about life, experience, consciousness and man.  And as I learn these things – through the Seth material and the quantum material, and the energy-related material – I grow and change.  And become who I am.  Again.  Still.  More.

One oft quoted statement from the Seth material is: We create our reality according to our beliefs.  

So if I BELIEVE that heaven exists, it will.  For me.  If I BELIEVE that hell exists, it will.  For me.

If I BELIEVE that I deserve to be happy, I will be.  I’ll figure it out.  If I BELIEVE that happiness is somehow not part of my experience, I’ll be right!  It won’t be part of my experience.

So for Dr. Alexander, heaven exists.  And for those of you who have an investment in heaven existing, Dr. Alexander’s book will be a voyeuristic carpet ride on his journey.  And you may find you agree with his version of heaven.

I’ll leave you with a vision I had many years ago when participating in a Gufa ceremony.  A Gufa is a Tibetan Bon ritual where ‘bad’ or ‘toxic’ energy is eaten by the participants of the ceremony, expelled before the goddess with the dragon (like the Hindu Kali).  Depending on the caliber of the work performed, the participant is either consumed by the goddess and reborn (shamanic death), or sent back to eat more negative energy.

In my experience, the group was all night, chanting, singing, burning little oil lamps to keep a flame of protection going.  As I evoked the trance and began the journey, I ate energy at the Pentagon, the White House, a politician’s dinner party.  I even ate the Gufa house where I began my ceremony, because there were Tibetan spirits there who were in their egos and vilifying one another.

As the Kali-like goddess consumed me and I was reborn (sliding down the tail of the dragon, of course), I had this momentary vision:  I could see that Heaven was a giant pie and that those who believed in Heaven had a tiny slice of the giant pie.  Each slice of the pie was different colors – some were plaid, some polka dotted, some pastel, others bright and intense.  It made me laugh – out loud – nearly breaking my trance state.  I was so delighted with the individual version of Heaven.  And I realized, I don’t have a slice there!  Fabulous!

So, if you’d like a slice of Heaven, cut one.  If you’d like a slice of consciousness…it’s a journey.  Start walking.

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