Conscious Activism (Free)

Rising Up and Responding Sustainably

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All Levels

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Those called to be of service to causes and issues they care deeply about to help effect change

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Date & Time

 September 24, 7:30pm Eastern



Course Format

Online (Chrome or Firefox browser recommended for best results)

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Live Online



Course Description

A free, 1-hour, online training. Learn seven skills for sustainable, embodied Conscious Activism.

About this Course

The world is challenging us at all levels. We feel deep concern about the treatment of people and planet alike. We feel called to act.

How can we ensure that our actions are beneficial, effective and sustainable? All too often as activists, we find ourselves engulfed in anger and pretty soon, burned out. There are seven primary energies that move us to act. Depending on how we manage them, they can either propel us forward or backward.

This training will lead you through the seven skills you’ll need to be an effective activist. This means your efforts will be:

  1. Grounded
  2. Sustainable
  3. Action-oriented
  4. Unifying
  5. Authentic
  6. Clear
  7. Divinely-sourced

Register now for 9/24/2017 class at 7:30pm EST

The Conscious Activism course is amazing, the participants are helpful and respectful and it’s free! Top ratings all around and thank you, Jill, for your generosity of spirit. Allison S., Middleton, MA

The world needs us. Let’s be responsible about how we rise to the occasion. Channel your energy toward the greater good.