Have you experienced visual optics where you ‘see’ energy? Perhaps an aura surrounding someone’s head, or colors and shapes when meditating, receiving body work or other healing treatments? Have you seen ‘ghosts’ or other disembodied energies?

Have you found yourself wondering what the images, colors, shapes or other perceptions mean?

Do you know that interpreting whatever you perceive with your concrete intellect, your mind, your thoughts actually misaligns the perceived information? The perceptions are entering your awareness from a different energetic system, and need to be interpreted and understood using that system.

Bottom line: seeing energy without knowing how you see it isn’t as effective or helpful as knowing how to see and interpret psychic perceptions.

It’s an energy thing

Conscious clairvoyance is a deeper, clearer way of “seeing” someone. Clairvoyants can read the energies that a person is conveying—emotionally, physically, intellectually and beyond. The more refined your skills, the more attuned and perceptive you become.

Perhaps You’re Clairsentient — you feel people’s energy, and it wears you out.
Your kinesthetic sensitivity ensures you feel and know what’s happening around you. It can be exhausting and depleting, taking a toll on your emotions and energy.

  • You feel energy and emotion in your body, as a physical reaction
  • You “know” something to be true, without knowing the source of your certainty
  • You can feel the physical and emotional pain of others
  • You become overwhelmed in crowded places or large groups of people

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is achieved through activating a series of energy centers, glands and screens, operating in concert as a system. The Clairvoyance System can be consciously cultivated to become a resource for deeper connection and understanding of yourself, and as appropriate, others.

For example, EHI practitioners are taught the Clairvoyance System to support an aligned and appropriate means of engaging with their clients stories and intentions, to deepen their understanding of where clients may needs ancillary resources and tools to fully evolve, to develop treatment plans and guide the facilitation of healing processes and resources.

How is Clairvoyance useful? You’ll learn to back up your innate intuition with clairvoyant perception. You’ll learn to seek out the root cause of issues, to enhance your process of clearing obstacles and interference in your energy field, so you can more accurately actualize and manifest your experience.

The Clairvoyance System takes your individual energetic sensitivities and helps you shape them into assets. You’ll have the ability to quickly perceive your energies and how they interact with other people’s energies, making the necessary adjustments to your Astral/emotional energy system.

Receiving and interpreting the energies around us can provide information and messages that transform, heal, and spur great evolution. When approached with reverence and responsibility, clairvoyance can be a powerful addition to your energy healing practice.

Who is the Clairvoyance Masterclass for?

While some students of energy may already be organic clairvoyants, anyone can develop the skills. Whether you want to hone and expand upon your current abilities or learn how to tap into them, the Clairvoyance System is an ideal learning environment.

Through this course, you will be guided to interpret the energetic visuals you are experiencing, moving through layers of personal “stuff” that has lingered and become internally over-processed.

The Clairvoyance Masterclass Includes:

Multiple teaching videos breaking down each one of the components of the Clairvoyance System so that you can see how the systems parts come together to create the whole

Guided meditations — practice each component and begin to develop acuity identifying and exploring the parts of the system, and to bring each part into concert with one another

Supporting documentation — to cement your understanding of the Clairvoyance System

Live online Office Hours — offered twice monthly, facilitated by Jill Leigh, to help you work toward mastering this dynamic and exciting resource for your personal and/or professional evolution

Your Course Resources

Part 1
Video – Overview of the ‘Clairs’
Video – Overview/Metaphor of the System
Video – The Benefit of  Clairvoyance vs. Clairsentience
Defining the Clairvoyance System Components
Guided Meditations – Identifying the System Components
Energy Flows & Activating the Clairvoyance System
Guided Meditation – Activating the System
Part 1 Assignments – Engaging, Activating and Clearing the Clairvoyance System

Part 2
Video – Your Projector Screens
Guided Meditation – Identifying Your Screens
Guided Meditation – Clearing Your Screens
Viewing Energy on the Screen
Guided Meditation – Viewing your Energy on the Screen
Part 2 Assignments – Choosing and Using your Screen

Part 3
Video – Reading Energy
Guided Meditation – Chakras
Guided Meditation – Aura
Video – Dialoguing Energy
Guided Meditation – Pick an Issue & Grow!
Guided Meditation – Pick an Intention & Learn!

Part 4
Video – Reading Other People’s Energy with Integrity & Clarity
Guided Meditation – Setting a Frequency
Video – Tips, Tools, Techniques for improving your Clairvoyance

Note: All course material is recorded and available for replay. Office Hours are not recorded.

Format: Online video materials & guided meditations, live online office hours held twice monthly

Prerequisites:  CLEAR

If you do not take CLEAR prior to Clairvoyance, you will not be able to work coherently with the materials in the Masterclass. Clairvoyance uses a lot of the information that is learned in the CLEAR course. Office Hours will not be used to explain content that is in the CLEAR course.

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