Observe, Read & Dialogue Energy

Are you seeking the next step in your personal evolution?

  • Have you found yourself becoming overwhelmed in situations with high levels of emotion or large crowds?
  • Do you feel the physical and emotional pain of others as if it’s your own?
  • Have you experienced visual perceptions, leaving you confused about how to dialogue the auras, colors, or shapes you see?

No matter which perceptions seem stronger, you can learn clairvoyance to consciously cultivate the ability to understand yourself and, if you’re a practitioner*, those around you with more clarity and less drain on your own energy.

*Reading someone’s energy without their express permission is an extreme violation of privacy.

In the very first lesson of this course, you explore the difference between clairvoyance and clairsentience. After differentiating between these energy systems, you can move forward with learning how to see AND interpret psychic perceptions.

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is achieved through activating a series of energy centers, glands, and screens that you’ll learn to operate and apply as a resource for perceiving and interpreting the emotional, physical, and intellectual energy conveyed by yourself and others.

In this course, you’ll learn how to support- and perhaps even override- your lower chakra-centered intuition with upper chakra-centered clairvoyant perception. Participants often discover that their intuition is based on felt-sense experience of other people’s energy, thus not altogether accurate or viable. You’ll learn to seek out the root cause of issues, so you can clear obstacles in your energy field and actualize and manifest your life and experiences.

When you learn to read energy clairvoyantly, you learn to perceive and observe energy, rather than feel it.

Who should take the Clairvoyance Masterclass?

Graduates of EHI’s CLEAR course (prerequisite)

Those healing from traumatic or challenging experiences or illness

Allopathic and alternative practitioners ready to move out of felt-sense, clairsentient interaction with clients into clearer, hygienic perception

Students of energy

Organic clairsentients, highly sensitive people, and empaths

Organic clairvoyants

Anyone wishing to develop their ability to see and interpret energetic visuals

The Clairvoyance Masterclass Includes:

Multiple Teaching Videos

To break down the the components of the Clairvoyance system to create the whole

Guided Meditations

To practice and develop your acuity of each component

Supporting Documentation

To cement your understanding of the Clairvoyance System

Clairvoyance Masterclass Course Outline

Part 1
Video – Overview of the ‘Clairs’
Video – Overview/Metaphor of the System
Video – The Benefit of  Clairvoyance vs. Clairsentience
Defining the Clairvoyance System Components
Guided Meditations – Identifying the System Components
Energy Flows & Activating the Clairvoyance System
Guided Meditation – Activating the System
Part 1 Assignments – Engaging, Activating and Clearing the Clairvoyance System

Part 2
Video – Your Projector Screens
Guided Meditation – Identifying Your Screens
Guided Meditation – Clearing Your Screens
Viewing Energy on the Screen
Guided Meditation – Viewing your Energy on the Screen
Part 2 Assignments – Choosing and Using your Screen

Part 3
Video – Reading Energy
Guided Meditation – Chakras
Guided Meditation – Aura
Video – Dialoguing Energy
Guided Meditation – Pick an Issue & Grow!
Guided Meditation – Pick an Intention & Learn!

Part 4
Video – Reading Other People’s Energy with Integrity & Clarity
Guided Meditation – Setting a Frequency
Video – Tips, Tools, Techniques for improving your Clairvoyance

Note: All course material is recorded and available for replay.

Format: Online video materials & guided meditations, downloadable pdfs

Prerequisites: Clear: Energy Clearing & Self-Care AND The Present of Presence

Completing the Clear: Energy Clearing & Self-Care and The Present of Presence courses prior to taking Clairvoyance is required. The background knowledge covered in these two courses will allow you to work coherently with the materials and understandings of this masterclass.


Tuition for this course is $337.50/mo for 2 months.

Ready to evolve your capacity to view energy?

Clear & Clairvoyance Masterclass

$437.50 per Month for 2 Months

Save $50 when you register for Clairvoyance and its prerequisite course, Clear: Energy Clearing & Self-Care.

Clairvoyance Masterclass

$337.50 per Month for 2 Months

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