Developing and Honing Your Clairvoyant Skills

Clairvoyance is a deeper, clearer way of “seeing” someone. Clairvoyants can read the energies that a person is emitting—emotionally, physically, intellectually and beyond. The more refined your skills, the more attuned and perceptive you become.

Who is this class for?

Short answer—anyone! While some students may already be experiencing signs of natural clairvoyance, anyone can develop the skills. Whether you want to hone and expand upon your current abilities or learn how to tap into them, the Clairvoyance System is an ideal learning environment.

Are you an Unconscious Clairvoyant?

You may already be experiencing clairvoyance, but just weren’t sure what it was you were seeing. Some ways that clairvoyance shows up:

  • Colors, shapes or objects come up during meditation, prayer or deep introspection
  • You have seen energy around people, often a light or bright “halo” around their neck and shoulders
  • When you are out in the world, you see energy in the form of lights, colors or spirits

Are You A Clairsentient Ready to Shift Your Awareness to Clairvoyance?
You may have a lot of kinesthetic sensitivity, so you feel and know what’s happening around you. You may find it exhausting and depleting, it takes a toll on your emotions and energy. Some ways that clairsentience shows up:

  • You strongly “feel” when someone is experiencing an intense emotion that is opposite from what they are projecting
  • You feel energy and emotion in your body, as a physical reaction
  • You suddenly “know” something to be true, without a doubt and without knowing where the certainty came from
  • Sometimes you can feel the pain of others
  • You feel overwhelmed when in a crowded place, around loud noises, or around anyone or anything with intense energy (or all three)
  • You feel “fried” and emotionally drained
  • You sometimes find it hard to go out in the world

What is the Clairvoyance System?

When you see energy, in whatever form you experience, it’s because you have unconsciously activated the Clairvoyance System. This energetic system creates visual interpretations that are then received and perceived by you. It is actively partnered with a part of your consciousness that you may or may not be attuned to.

If you’re not yet tapped into that part of your awareness, you’ll see images, colors, people, animals, symbols, and energies…but you may not understand the messages. These clairvoyant experiences frequently happen while meditating, in prayer, during an intimate connection, while in ceremony, or perhaps under the influence of hallucinogens. And sometimes, they happen while you’re walking around in the world.

The depth of awareness required to consciously tap into the Clairvoyance System is something to be practiced and cultivated. Your insights will deepen. Your internal inquiry will expand. Your resources will multiply.

Through this course, you will be guided to interpret the energetic visuals you are experiencing, moving through any personal “stuff” that has lingered and become internally over-processed.

Using your innate intuition and clairvoyance, you will be examining root causes (deep truths) and using your intention and attention to manifest your experience. As you use the tools in your daily practice, your meditations and visualizations will become more metaphorical and meaningful. Expect big shifts—you will be receiving important insights that aid your personal growth, healing, and evolution.

The Clairvoyance System takes your individual energetic sensitivities and helps you shape them into assets. You’ll have the ability to quickly perceive your energies and how they interact with other people’s energies, making the necessary adjustments to your chakra system. This gives you the incredibly helpful ability to decrease your sensitivity and enable a soothing, clear energetic separation.

Receiving and interpreting the energies around us can provide information and messages that transform, heal, and spur great evolution. When approached with reverence and responsibility, clairvoyance can be a powerful addition to your energy healing practice.

What’s included in the Clairvoyance Course?

  • 6 hours of live online classes (four 1 ½ -hour sessions over two days)
    • Day One—Your first day of class will focus on learning the components of the Clairvoyance System. You will practice connecting to and running energy. This material is really fun to learn and experience—expect to learn a lot!
    • Day Two—You’ll spend the second day of class practicing and applying the Clairvoyance System. Using a wide range of individual and group activities, you will see your abilities increase rapidly, in a fun, no-pressure group of peers.
  • Guided Meditations—Powerful meditations that allow you to access and internalize the Clairvoyance System components.
  • eGuide—PDF gives you additional helpful information for using the Clairvoyance System.

The Clairvoyance Practice Group

This is a HUGE part of your growth in the Clairvoyance System. The practice group meets for five weeks, one hour each week. Facilitated each week by Jill Leigh, the group will be provided with different (and fun!) activities to hone and integrate the Clairvoyance System.

There is a potent energy that comes from working with a group of people learning together, becoming better together. Having the chance to practice with a group of trusted peers and bounce questions with the instructor is a unique experience that adds ease, confidence and joy to your clairvoyance practice.

The practice group will be given feedback with each activity, and students will be offered individualized guidance. This is a fun, interactive way to enhance and expand your abilities! Many groups form a unique bond and continue to get together after the four weeks is over.

2019 Course Date & Time:*

*All times are PDT

  • April 13, 8:00a-9:30a & 11:00a-12:30p
  • April 20, 8:00a-9:30a & 11:00a-12:30p
  • April 24, 5:00p
  • May 1, 5:00p
  • May 8, 5:00p
  • May 15, 5:00p

Note: All material is recorded and available for replay

Format: Online, Digital MP3 (Chrome or Firefox browser recommended for best results), 6 hours (split over two Saturdays) + 5 hours of Practice Group

Prerequisites: The Present of Presence (Free)

This is an intentional revolution. It’s a commitment to deepen your connection with self, and to embody your abilities. Are you ready? Sign up for the Clairvoyance class and open to yourself. Questions? Jill is happy to help; contact her.

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Course Length

11 Hours

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April 13, 20, 24, May 1, 8, 15

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