Conscious Channeling

Who, How, and When You Channel

Are you seeking the next step in your personal evolution?

Have you experienced “energy hangovers,” decreased energy, or confusing information when channeling energy?

Do you call yourself a medium or a channel, but struggle to clearly understand how to interact with and vet the energies you’re engaging?

Do you have little ability to regulate, control, or disengage from the energies you channel?

Take control of your ability. Of your skill.

By learning the skills of conscious channeling, you’re able to participate in the channeling connection, regulating how and when you access, receive, and share messages.

What is Conscious Channeling?

Conscious channeling is the process of engaging channeled energies, beings, guides, and frequencies to offer input, information, guidance energy, and ensuring viable, high-vibration connection.

In this course, you’ll learn to be a conscious rather than an unconscious channel. This allows you to avoid diluting your own energy or displacing your conscious awareness. In other words, this makes your life and work MUCH easier.

You’ll learn that it’s unnecessary for a spirit, being, or guide to access your physical body to deliver information, offering you access to high vibration guides.

Who should take the Conscious Channeling Masterclass?

Graduates of EHI’s CLEAR course (prerequisite)

Those healing from traumatic or challenging experiences or illness

Allopathic and alternative practitioners ready to move out of felt-sense, clairsentient interaction with clients into clearer, hygienic perception

Students of energy

Energy practitioners looking to develop their skills in channeling

Anyone wishing to engage with guidance in an energetically appropriate and boundaried manner

The Conscious Channeling Masterclass Includes:

Multiple Teaching Videos

To break down the protocols and practices used to channel consciously

Guided Meditations

To practice and develop your acuity identifying and exploring channeling energies, frequencies, and guides

Supporting Documentation

To cement your understanding of Conscious Channeling

Conscious Channeling Masterclass Course Outline

Part 1
Video – Overview of Conscious Channeling
Video – Setting Your Energy for Channeling
Guided Meditation – Preparing to Channel
Video – Resetting Your Energy Following Channeling

Part 2
Video – Releasing Guides
Guided Meditation – Firing Guides Who Are Low Vibration
Video – Setting Your Channeling Space
Guided Meditation – Setting Your Energy & Channeling Space

Part 3
Video – Your Two Primary Guides
Guided Meditation – Meeting Your Lifetime Guide
Guided Meditation – Meeting Your Healing Guide
Video – Collaborating Through Conscious Channeling
Guided Meditation – Channeling Your Lifetime Guide
Guided Meditation – Channeling Your Healing Guide
Video – Subject Matter Experts, Channeling Verbally for Others

Part 4
Video – Channeling Energies or Frequencies
Guided Meditation – Delivering Energy or a Frequency Through Your Hands
Video – Tips, Tools, Techniques for improving your Channeling

Note: All course material is recorded and available for replay.

Format: Online video materials & guided meditations, downloadable pdfs

Prerequisites: Clear: Energy Clearing & Self-Care AND The Present of Presence

Completing the Clear: Energy Clearing & Self-Care (LINK) and The Present of Presence (LINK) courses prior to taking Conscious Channeling is required. The background knowledge covered in these two courses will allow you to work coherently with the materials and understandings of this masterclass.


Tuition for this course is $337.50/mo for 2 months.

Ready to evolve your connection to guidance?

Clear & Conscious Channeling Masterclass

$437.50 per Month for 2 Months

Save $50 when you register for Conscious Channeling and its prerequisite course, Clear: Energy Clearing & Self-Care.

Conscious Channeling Masterclass

$337.50 per Month for 2 Months

Already completed Clear: Energy Clearing & Self-Care and The Present of Presence? Register for Conscious Channeling to begin the next step in your personal energy evolution!

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