How do you know who you’re channeling? Channeling without conscious knowledge of the Channeling System and applying careful protocols to channel effectively can result in “energetic hangovers,” lowered energy, incorrect information, and even health repercussions. Conscious Channeling is a skill, and if you’d like to up-level your abilities, or learn how to engage guides effectively, this class is for you!

If you call yourself a medium or a channel, but have no understanding of how you interact with and vet the energies that you’re engaging, you are more like a vessel than a collaborator, and you’ll have little to no ability to regulate, control or disengage the energies you’re channeling.

It’s an Energy Thing

A healthy channel consciously participates in the connection and regulates how and when messages are accessed, received and shared.

One of the interesting things to learn about channeling is that it is unnecessary for a ‘spirit’, being or guide to access your physical body to connect with and use to deliver information. When channels or mediums engage with guides that use their bodies, they’re actually displacing their conscious awareness, diminishing their sovereignty and allowing lower level energies to come through.

High vibration guides have no interest in accessing a physical body, they have to dilute their own vibration to do so!

What is Conscious Channeling?

Conscious Channeling is a process for engaging channeled energies, beings, guides, frequencies for the purpose of offering input, information, guidances, awareness, perspective and perhaps, comfort and reassurance.

It is possible for you to channel pure energies or frequencies, to deliver healing energies to yourself (or your clients), using your hand chakras as conduits for the energy flows.

You can also channel information, guidance by connecting with a variety of different types of beings. Yes, you have guides, and so do I. We all do.

We have lifetime guides, healing guides, and we have access to other guides, that I refer to as Subject Matter Experts.

Learning to be a Conscious Channel means you’ll avoid difficult issues such as the inability to control or regulate the energies that come through. You’ll be able to discern what guides are appropriate for you, and which ones are not. You’ll be able to avoid diluting your energy, negatively impacting your physical body’s energy system.

Truth be told, there’s lots of new age misinformation about channeling. If you learn an unhygienic approach, there may be some energetic clean up to do to get your energy system sorted and ready to channel consciously. But don’t worry, it’s included in this course and its prerequisites!

Who is this Masterclass for?

Some of your cohort may already be organic channels, meaning that they are already channeling, but not conscious of how the process works. Yet anyone can develop these skills. Whether you want to clarify and evolve your current abilities or learn how to tap into them, the Conscious Channeling Masterclass is an ideal learning environment.

You will be taught to establish appropriate before and after protocols for regulating and strengthening your energy, and learn an approach to channeling that keeps the information clear, the connection pristine and the ability to consciously choose which energies or beings you channel.

This Masterclass Includes:

Multiple teaching videos breaking down the protocols and practices used to channel consciously, so that you can see how the protocols support you and your autonomy

Guided meditations — practice each protocol and skill and begin to develop acuity identifying and exploring channeling energies, frequencies and your guides

Supporting documentation — to cement your understanding of Conscious Channeling

Live, Online Office Hours — facilitated twice monthly by Jill Leigh, to help you work toward mastering this dynamic and exciting resource for your personal and/or professional evolution

Your Course Resources

Part 1
Video – Overview of Conscious Channeling
Video – Setting Your Energy for Channeling
Guided Meditation – Preparing to Channel
Video – Resetting Your Energy Following Channeling

Part 2
Video – Releasing Guides
Guided Meditation – Firing Guides Who Are Low Vibration
Video – Setting Your Channeling Space
Guided Meditation – Setting Your Energy & Channeling Space

Part 3
Video – Your Two Primary Guides
Guided Meditation – Meeting Your Lifetime Guide
Guided Meditation – Meeting Your Healing Guide
Video – Collaborating Through Conscious Channeling
Guided Meditation – Channeling Your Lifetime Guide
Guided Meditation – Channeling Your Healing Guide
Video – Subject Matter Experts, Channeling Verbally for Others

Part 4
Video – Channeling Energies or Frequencies
Guided Meditation – Delivering Energy or a Frequency Through Your Hands
Video – Tips, Tools, Techniques for improving your Channeling

Note: All course material is recorded and available for replay. Office Hours are not recorded.

Format: Online video materials & guided meditations, live online office hours held twice monthly

Prerequisites: The Present of Presence,  Clear: Energy Clearing & Self-care

Note: If you do not take CLEAR prior to Conscious Channeling, you will not be able to work coherently with the materials in the Masterclass. Channeling uses a lot of the information that is learned in the CLEAR course. Office Hours will not be used to explain content that is in the CLEAR course. 

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