Chakra Overview

Astral Chakra System

We’ll begin your learning experience by grounding into the Astral Chakra System as it is defined at Energy Healing Institute. You may have other ideas of the chakra system that you have acquired through books you’ve read, workshops you’ve attended, and perhaps even other in-depth training programs on energy healing.

I am not here to tell you that EHI has the best version of the chakra system and therefore you should forget everything else you’ve learned heretofore. That would be pure speculation, and invalidating to you and wherever you’ve acquired information. That’s not my intent, interest or purpose.

Here’s what you need to know and understand.

Anchoring in to this system

Different teachers and programs have varying perspectives on the chakras and aura, their placement in the energy field, and the role and function of their elements. While it would be lovely to assume that there is only one chakra system, that is incorrect. In fact, EHI generally encourages its students and practitioners to avoid reading countless books on the chakra system. Rather, it’s essential to anchor into a system to work on your energy, and to let other ideas that have come before sit on the sidelines, to be reconsidered and perhaps reintegrated slowly and carefully. The foundations of the energy system you study create congruence in how you work in the energy field.

Thus, if you adopt a piece of one system that carries one set of principles with a piece of another system with differing perspectives and principles, you’re scrambling systems. The net result is scrambled energy. Yours. And your clients.

Let me offer you some concrete examples:

One chakra system I’m aware of operates on the premise that there are no openings in the chakras, they are round ‘wheels’ of energy (the Sanskrit translation of the word chakra is wheel).

The chakra system you’ll learn at EHI has openings, similar to the Hindu chakra images you can find by searching the internet, there are petals that regulate energy flow with the chakras, and they are part of this chakra systems superpower!

Another chakra system I’ve learned about perceives chakras alternating in rotational direction. One chakra rotates clockwise, the next counterclockwise, the one after that is clockwise, and so on.

The chakra system you’ll learn at EHI bases all its work on the foundational principle that all chakras rotate clockwise. A counterclockwise rotation of a chakra indicates dysregulation and benefits from resetting to a clockwise rotation.

The foundations of the chakra system as they are explained at taught at EHI are predicated on two very important concepts:

  • All chakras rotate in a clockwise direction
  • Chakras have openings that can be consciously set to enable self-containment, self-awareness and self-responsibility

If you negate these two foundational elements, the entire system is incoherent.

Chakras and the aura are tools for awareness and evolution

What does this mean? In essence, it means that tools support creation and manifestation, but they’re not the whole story. When people focus in on reading as many books and taking as many workshops as possible to learn about the chakra system, they may be missing the point. Tools are tools. They do stuff. They fix things. They build, repair, resolve. But they’re not the end product or result. They’re what help you achieve the end product or result.

Here’s a way of thinking about this:

If you needed a new screw gun so that you could install sheetrock or screw together a few boards cut to a certain length to create a box, you’d head to your hardware store, examine the screw guns, and pick one that is most suited to your overall needs.

You would not buy every type of screw gun in the store so that you had one of every kind available. Nor would you read every single manual to see which screw gun was best for you. You’d choose the screw gun with the best warranty, reviews, price or other criteria, and you’d get the task accomplished. You’d hang sheetrock or build your box.

The screw gun is a tool. It’s not the sheetrock on the wall, or the box to store other tools!

Tools are essential, but they’re not the work

Let’s migrate our thinking from the hardware store and sheetrock to a human being and a desire to heal, grow, shift and evolve. Is the human being his or her chakras? Well, at one level, sure. The human being can’t exist without them. But the human being is the manifestation of his or her energy. The human being needs tools to move from one set of patterns or emotions to another. The chakras and aura are tools for evolution, for movement and growth. Other tools include conscious awareness, observation, intention, attention, feedback, perception and so on.

Twenty seven books and twelve chakra workshops means that you have a confusing array of tools, defined and applied slightly (or vastly) differently based on the teacher or author’s perspective and understanding.

Why the Astral chakras & aura are fabulous tools for evolution

What’s so important about Chakras?

Well, everything that you are – your body, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, is generated by and through your energy.

And your energy is organized into a system that includes the Chakras and the Aura.

If your life is swimming along beautifully, and all is in flow, your Chakras and Aura are probably in excellent shape!

Perhaps there are areas of your life where you know you’re not at your best. Maybe you have behavioral patterns that you’d like to evolve. Or you carry thoughts and beliefs that limit or undermine your confidence and esteem. People choose to examine their energy system and how it informs and generates action and reaction in relationships.

Energy awareness brings you to the root cause behind whatever isn’t working in your life, relationships, and your reality. Energy clearing creates the potentiality to shift beyond whatever holds you back from being your best self and living your best life.


Next steps:

You’ve watched the video overview of the Astral Chakra System. You can also download the pdf files for your reference library. After the video, you’ll watch tutorials on each one of the seven Astral chakras, and a couple of videos about the Etheric feet and hand chakras.

Once the anchoring in the system is completed, you’ll be moving into self-care skills for clearing your chakras and aura, so you can have your own experience with energy clearing so that you evolve Who You Are.