Complete your 4th assignment in preparation for our live Q&A call Copy

As we progress into the second and third modules, the assignments will take on greater richness and depth, right now, it’s all about practice, practice, practice. Discern, integrate, and articulate (within yourself, as well as to the cohort), how these practices are internalizing and becoming more familiar and comfortable to complete.

For our upcoming live call, please be well-versed at each aspect of the process of preparing for Conscious Channeling.

Ideally, you’ll need less than 2-3 minutes to:

  • Prepare your Energy for Channeling
  • Set the Space for Channeling
  • Release Guides, Beings & Entities
  • Engage the Channeling System

Next steps:

There’s one more lesson in this module to complete prior to our live Q&A call. When you’re ready, please complete the lesson on Resetting your Energy Following Channeling.