Complete your assignments in preparation for our live Q&A call Copy

For our second Q&A call, please do the following assignment so that you can bring your insights, questions and experiences to the call. We all want to learn from you!

While it’s going to be really tempting to try and get all kinds of information about your energy, your chakras and aura, I’m respectfully requesting that you ask your energy body the same questions each time you use the Clairvoyance System so that you can deepen your experience, and we can all play on the same page in our Q&A call.

So, I’d love to see you access the Clairvoyance System 7-10 times between now and our second live, Q&A call. I’d like you to ask the same questions of your Astral energy body to see if you can gain some deeper context related to your answers.

Here are the questions:

What chakra generates the most difficulty for me in my day-to-day experience?

What difficulties result from this chakra?

What energetic pattern, theme, belief or behavior is held in my aura that contributes to the difficulties in my day-to-day life?

I’ll be curious to see what answers you come up with! Do take notes, draw images, record perceptions, insights that emerge so that you can reflect on what you glean and share what you’d like with us about your clairvoyant experiences.

See you soon!