Complete your assignments in preparation for our live Q&A call Copy

The main objective of this third module in the Clairvoyance Masterclass is to integrate the mechanics, (the Clairvoyance System, including the Psychic Screens), and the resources, (chakras, aura and dialoguing energy) so that you can now practice using the system to explore and evolve your energy.

In preparation for our live call, the more practice the merrier!

While I can’t tell you what to do, it might be useful to continue to work with the same issue/theme/behavior/belief that you’ve been exploring thus far.

Consider asking some of the same questions when you dialogue the energy in the Clairvoyance System to see if you can confirm and validate some of the information that you’re receiving.

You’ll likely have other questions that emerge as you continue the dialogue process, and that’s fine, in fact, it’s desirable.

You might also consider using the CLEAR skills to evolve your energy based on what you’ve learned in the Clairvoyance System about your issue/theme/behavior/belief.

Practice frequently for short periods of time rather than infrequently for a long period of time. Take notes on what you discern, write down your insights you’re willing to share and any questions you have about anything in the materials to ask me and the group.

See you soon! Have fun!