Complete your first assignment in preparation for our live Q&A call Copy

This is the first building block in the process for Conscious Channeling. Here’s the assignment to work with in anticipation of our live Q&A call. There will be additional assignments forthcoming in this module, so as you move forward with the curriculum, I’ll recap them for you so that you stay current in the work.

  1. Practice using the Preparation for Channeling skills at least once or twice every day between now and our live call.
  2. Make notes on how your body feels when you Hunker down, Lighten up and then reset your energy to the normal process of Grounding and Running Energy.
  3. Jot down any questions and insights you have about these skills to bring to the Q&A call.

The more you can discern how you experience the different energies, the more psychic and self-aware you become.

When you’re ready, continue on to the next lesson in this module, Setting the Space for Channeling.