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Given the information shared in the previous lesson, you’re hopefully connecting to the idea that bringing a guide into your energy field, displacing your selfhood to enable another being (maybe one you actually know!), to use your body and field to disseminate information is not such a great idea. Not great for you, not great for the being.

Truth is, your vibration matters. Every time you exit your field to allow any other being to ‘work through you’, you negatively impact your vibration. Now, sure, you can use the hygiene and self-care skills in CLEAR to clean out your field before and after channeling, and that’s a good thing to do, but if you bring the being into your field, you don’t raise your vibration, you muddy it. Your vibration belongs to you – don’t give it away to anyone!

Think a bit further…if we all vibrate within certain ranges, which is true, then a guide who wants/needs to assume a body has to be on the lower end of the vibrational spectrum. As you learn to create the energetic space for channeling to occur, you can access higher vibrational versions of the guides you’re channeling now. Think upgrade. Because that’s the general idea!

Thoughts on The Big Kahuna Energies & Channeling

Now, how about about ‘Ascended Masters’, Angels, Archangels, The Christ Energy, The Buddha Energy, The God Energy, etc. Let’s talk about them in relation to channeling.

Have you ever heard of a thoughtform? A thoughtform is an idea that has taken form. Baked beans are a thoughtform. There’s no one way to make baked beans, but we think in terms of molasses, small beans, mushy texture, brown color, perhaps salt pork, and maybe New England. Baked beans is a thoughtform. The actual recipe that you make and pull out of your oven, or buy in a can at the grocery store is what’s real.

How are we going to extrapolate from baked beans to those lofty beings we love to say we channel? Here we go!

There are Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other high level guides, and there are thoughtforms for those guides.

The thoughtform of an Archangel might include the weapon or sword (blue) they carry, the color (purple), the function or role…protection, courage. These are the concepts that are incorporated into the thoughtform of Archangel Michael. Once the thoughtform is in the common lexicon, then someone can tap into that thoughtform (it’s a big sea of energy), and believe that they’re channeling Archangel Michael.

I suspect that this is what happens with many channels. Honestly, I haven’t spent (or wasted) a lot of time researching this, I’ve simply observed the channels I come across to see how clear their energy and how cogent and coherent they are as people. If the channel does not have a well-ordered, organized presence that is grounded, clear and coherent, then I suspect that the channeling that is occurring is a thoughtform and not the actual exalted being.

When channeling, the higher the vibration of the host, the more ‘exalted’ and high level the guidance can be. But not if the physical body is the vessel for the messages that come through. If the guide takes over your experience, you’re most likely channeling a thoughtform.

Setting the Space for Conscious Channeling

Having said all that, let’s get organized around creating a viable space for channeling. You’ll learn to channel consciously by preparing your energy (hunkering down and lightening up), and then creating a space that you organize and own for the channeling session.

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • You’ll bring your awareness to your crown chakra.
  • You’ll imagine creating a cylinder that extends from your crown chakra, 12 feet above your head.
    It will look like a megaphone, where the small end of the megaphone is connected to your crown, and the broad end, where sound is amplified is 12′ above the top of your head.
  • You’ll own this space for the channeling experience.
  • You’ll run golden, Cosmic energy into the cylinder in a clockwise and then counterclockwise direction to clear out the space and increase its vibrational tone and timbre.

The next step will be to clear out the cylinder using a gold cyclone of energy, cascading down into the cylinder in a clockwise direction, and then reversing direction to move up and out of the cylinder.

You’ve now got a container for the work that will commence that is clean, clear and owned by you.

Can you sense the neutrality, the grace and space that is created with this process? There is separation between your body and the guide, (we’ll get to how you communicate with a guide shortly). There is a neutral space that holds the interaction.

As you practice this approach to channeling, you’ll start to appreciate the incredible capacity you have for engaging ever higher vibration beings. As you continue your work to grow, shift, evolve and become ever more Who You Are, and you then cultivate this neutral space for channeling, the vibrational beings that are able to engage and work with you will continue to evolve as well.

Next steps:

Download the pdf files of Setting Space for Channeling to add to your course resources.

Next you’ll listen to (and download) the mp3 guided meditation for Setting the Space for Channeling.


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