Download the Aura Reference Material

Please download the Astral Aura Reference Material for your study and use.

You’ll find that the functions of the Auric layers map very tightly to the correlative Chakras. The Chakras are fed energy from the Aura, and release energy back out to the Aura. So the functional correlation is appropriate and important.

As with the Chakras, reading books about the Aura will feed your concrete intellect and its curiosity.

The best way to learn about the Aura is to apply practices that move your awareness into your energy field. The concrete intellect will never experience the Aura. And your being state will never ‘get’ your intellectual knowledge about the field.

Exploring the Aura is poignant, powerful and meaningful. I hope you enjoy the experience of accessing and clearing your Aura — your field of potentiality.