Listen to the mp3 and practice channeling your Healing Guide Copy


Take a breath. Take a moment.

Visualize the healing you’re seeking. See yourself in the unfolding of your evolving awareness, as the limiting belief, ineffective behavior, emotion or pattern, or physical issue subsides. Let the energy of healing and evolution infuse and inform your awareness.

Then listen to the mp3 meditation and conduct your channeling session with your Healing Guide.

The meditation will be conducted in two different activities, or parts. In the first activity, you’ll dialogue with your Healing Guide, inviting inspiration, information, insight about your issue or concern.

In the next activity, you’ll channel healing energy to your field, receiving healing, clearing and infusing of energy that evolve the issue or concern.

You’ll be cued to pause the recording when you’re ready to move into the dialogue with your Guide.

You might want to consider either scribing answers you receive (a bit tricky when you’re channeling, because ideally you want to stay up in the cylinder and not fall out of the merged state), or, consider verbal channeling and recording your session for the dialogue aspect of the session.

You can leave the recording running during the energy channeling part of the session. Whatever energy is channeled will be imprinted onto the recording so that you can receive the frequencies and energy more than once. Sometimes the energy received shifts things so much that it’s not necessary to repeat the recording, other times it’s powerful to replay the recording to continue the healing and evolution.

When you’re finished with your session and with working with the information you’ve received, be sure to proceed to review the assignments to prepare for our third live, Q&A call.

Whenever you’re ready, play the meditation. And be sure to download it to your Conscious Channeling resources for your ongoing work with the material.