Listen to the mp3 and practice viewing energy clairvoyantly in your chakras Copy


As mentioned in the previous activity, you’ll be practicing viewing the chakras in two phases.

First, you’ll pick a couple of chakras and put them on your screen and view them clairvoyantly. You’ll simply be looking at their energy, without attempting to gather context, insight or evolutionary perspective.

Then you’ll choose a theme/behavior/issue/belief that you’d like to learn more about using the Clairvoyance System. You’ll practice allowing the system to inform you. Even though you may have a hypothesis about which chakras are contributing to what you’re exploring clairvoyantly, there may be other information that emerges that supports your understanding more deeply as you let the system inform your awareness.

This is a building block process. You’re beginning with perceiving your chakras, and then gathering information from them. I recommend that you take a break once you’ve completed this exploration before viewing your aura.

When you’re ready to proceed you’ll use the same process with your aura. First to simply perceive energy in the aura, and then to gather information using the lens of your issue/behavior/theme/belief to focalize your exploration.

The last learning in this module will be about Dialoguing Your Energy, so that you begin to develop a relationship with your energy that the Clairvoyance System helps you deepen as you practice your way into mastery.

Listen to the first mp3 and enjoy working with your chakras and the Clairvoyance System. Then consider taking a little break before moving to the second mp3 where you’ll work clairvoyantly with your aura.