Practice Clearing Obstructions, Constrictions & Blockages


Please remember to download the mp3 meditation of Clearing Obstructions, Constrictions & Blockages so that you’ll have it for your ongoing use. 

You’ll notice that I suggest using your hands to sense energy in your Aura.

Here’s a description of how to best sense energy with your Hand Chakras:

  • Hold your hands in a relaxed position, if you’re straining or rigid, you’ll diminish your ability to perceive energy
  • Cup your hands slightly, as if you’re going to hold a 10″ rubber ball
  • Your thumbs can be separate from your other fingers, but do keep your 4 fingers together, again, touching gently, not rigid or in a strained manner

As you do this work in your Aura, remember that it can be quite subtle. If you move your hands about rapidly, you’ll miss a lot of information and energy in your field.

Move slowly and deliberately. Sensations you experience could include:

  • heat
  • cold
  • tingling
  • pressure
  • denseness
  • lightness

There’s no right or wrong, just sensation and experience!

The image below gives you a sense of an appropriate, relaxed hand position (and of course, you may find that you separate your hands and have them move in different directions as you assess your Aura).