Practice Setting Auric Boundaries


Many people like to stand up for this exercise. But you don’t have to! Be comfortable.

Remember to have your feet flat on the floor, and your legs, arms and fingers uncrossed and open. This enables a balanced energy flow, and minimizes the possibility of blocking or impeding your experience.

I love to encourage people to be particularly mindful when they work in the Aura. The Chakras can be quite dense, compact and easy to perceive. Sometimes the Aura’s diffuse, filmy energy is more difficult to pick up and conceptualize.

Through mindful awareness, you’ll probably have a sense of your energy before you establish Auric Boundaries and then again afterward. The more you practice the skill, the more attuned you’ll become to how your energy is running, and whether or not you’re susceptible to picking up other people’s energies (or giving your own away)!

Enjoy the practice. Do it frequently. Own your energy!

And please download the Setting Auric Boundaries mp3 so that you have it for review and practice.