Read a Few Final Thoughts About Setting Auric Boundaries

Here’s a question I’m frequently asked about Auric Boundaries.

How often should I set my Auric Boundaries?

The answer to this is: frequently. You can’t go wrong setting your Auric Boundaries before meeting with other people, leaving your house, heading into the mall or movie theater, getting on a plane.

You can’t go wrong setting your Auric Boundaries when you feel like you’re taking on other people’s energy or vulnerable or susceptible to picking up someone else’s emotions.

You’ll do yourself a favor if you set your Auric Boundaries when you feel like you need containment, self-awareness, distinction and separation from others. You’ll absolutely get it!

The more you set your Auric Boundaries, the more you’ll be teaching your Astral energy body to enjoy containment and autonomy.

Your Aura is your field of potentiality – make it your own so that you create and manifest what you imagine for yourself.

Your Aura fuels your experience. You choose what you’d like to experience. You choose how you’d like to engage and interact with others. You choose where your energy flows.

In so doing, you model self-care and you create an environment in which your energy can thrive.