Read about Engaging, Activating and Clearing your Pituitary Chakra Copy

You’ve had a chance to practice accessing your Pituitary chakra as well. Unlike the Pineal chakra, where there is frequently sensation and feedback that your body registers in some way, the Pituitary chakra is generally pretty quiet.

The best description I’ve heard is the awareness that it’s very difficult to think when you’ve successfully arrived in the Pituitary chakra. There’s a sense of spaciousness that is perceived, though not necessarily tangibly felt or experienced.

If you were to somehow attempt to make a decision while housed in the Pituitary chakra, even about something as simple as what to eat for lunch or dinner, it might not be possible to do so. There’s space, but minimal content.

The Pituitary chakra is activated and cleared using a sapphire blue energy. Like the Pineal chakra, the Pituitary chakra is Etheric, so clearing using the Astral skills found in the CLEAR course is not necessary or effective.

To activate and clear the Pituitary chakra, you’ll bring your awareness to the chakra. Then, you’ll source a sapphire blue energy from beyond your aura, through your third eye and into the Pituitary chakra.

Because the Pituitary chakra is so diffuse and misty, you may have minimal experience with the chakra activating and clearing. I know I’m there when I realize that thinking is no longer a simple task. I experience myself as present, grounded, yet somehow adrift in my mind. There’s no emotion, no thoughts, no feelings or sensations. Just spaciousness and emptiness.

Although there’s not much to experience when clearing the Pituitary chakra, it is as important to activate and clear as the Pineal chakra, where sensation may be more pronounced and interesting.

The Pineal and Pituitary chakras work together to create space, potentiality, knowing and clarity. If either chakra is encumbered or blocked, the result will be a lack of coherent clairvoyant perception.

Now, move on to the next part of the process,  Activating, Engaging and Clearing the Clairvoyance System.