Read About Obstructions, Constrictions & Blockages

Why three words? Obstructions, Constrictions & Blockages! Are they all different energetic issues?


They’re three words for the same energetic construct. I use these words interchangeably, based on how my clients perceive or experience their energy. When they say they’re blocked, we talk about blockages. When they say they’re constricted or constrained, that’s the word I use to describe the clearing skills.

Bottom line? They’re all the same.

Constrictions, Obstructions, Blockages inhibit flow. Remember, when your Aura is flowing, you’re growing. When your Aura is obstructed, movement and progression are diminished or halted.

The interesting thing about energy is that it’s all vibrationally based. In other words, each emotion has a vibration or frequency. Anger has a higher vibration than depression, certainly, and it’s lower vibration than joy. Makes sense, right? Depression flattens, it dampens and squashes, it’s got a pervasive, heavy quality. Anger is a force, it rises up and thrusts out, that’s what a temper tantrum looks like! And joy, is light, bright and fluid. It’s clearly nowhere near as dense as either anger or depression.

When there are blocked energies in the field, they’re also vibrations. Their vibration attracts similar energies into your Aura. There’s a layering-on effect. What was once a tiny speck accumulates through attraction and becomes an energetic speed bump in your Aura, slowing and perhaps even halting the flow of energy.

When a client describes himself as blocked, he’s talking about an inability to progress, to move forward, to take action, to affect a change in experience.

To a seasoned Practitioner or even a client with energetic awareness and sensitivity, the obstructions are palpable. They can be felt with the Hand Chakras and perceived clairvoyantly.

It’s great to move these out of the field and generate flow. As you learn to work with releasing blockages, notice the before and after sensations in your body and energy field. Most clients use words like ‘free flowing’, ‘in motion’, ‘relief’, and ‘spacious’ when the constrictions are released.

With all energy clearing work, know that some days you’ll have a lot of constrictions, or perhaps you’ll find a lot of them when you contemplate a project or an intention you’d like to create and manifest. At other times they’ll be few and far between. Energy clearing is always about throwing out your trash.

No need to examine, perseverate, spend a lot of time thinking through how the blockages got in your Aura, in your space. Simply let them go. Move on. Free yourself and your energy and validate that you’re back in motion.

Focusing on what’s wrong is never validating or affirming (or useful) with energy healing. The work is best supported through intentionally choosing and focusing on what you’d like to create and manifest.

By the way, most of my clients and Practitioners find this skill to be easy and enjoyable. There are some fairly distinct sensations that accompany the clearing, and the return to flow is always supportive and affirming.