Read about perceiving energy in your Astral chakras and aura Copy

We’re going to spend a lot of time in this module diving in deeply to using the Clairvoyance System as a resource to your personal practice.

Your first practice is going to be to simply call up a chakra onto your Psychic Screen and see what you can perceive. It’s a simple clairvoyant exercise to warm you up for taking the exercise further. You’ll actually try it with a couple of chakras so that you can get a little context on the energetic differences and similarities of your chakras.

Your next practice will be to repeat the exercise, but using an issue, theme, behavior, belief that you’d like to shift and evolve. I’m going to ask you to share information about the issue, theme, behavior or belief in the discussion section below, and again (probably) in our live, online Q&A call. My suggestion would be that you not choose your deepest, darkest, most emotional issue, theme, behavior or belief because it could be hard to share about and discuss with your peer group. And, since the larger context for this exercise is to practice viewing energy clairvoyantly, you don’t want or need to be activated by the major stuff in your life while working on a new skillset!

You’re doing this so you can see that simply asking to view a chakra may yield information, it lacks context and perspective, insight and ‘truth’. When you view a chakra while holding an intention to learn about a limiting belief, undesirable pattern or behavior, or an issue you’d like to shift and evolve, you can gain a lot of powerful insight and context that helps you acknowledge what you’ve been creating and actualizing and take concrete steps to make a change.

You’ll repeat this process with the aura. First, you’ll put up the energy of your aura on your Psychic Screen to get a look at your overall Astral field. It’ll be interesting, but again, lacking in context and ‘truth’.

Then you’ll use the intention of gaining insight and context, perspective about the issue, behavior, belief or theme/pattern that you’re curious about and see what emerges on your Psychic Screen.

You’ll see that using intention and specificity to gain context and insight is a more supportive and expansive approach for healing and evolution. You’ll also begin to discern the deeper value of the Clairvoyance System that extends well beyond using it for psychic readings.

The learning that takes place in this module will occur experientially by repeating the exercises and spending time in your Clairvoyance System. It’s great to be mostly past the didactic portion of this Masterclass and now be in the guts of the work itself. There’s still more didactic learning to be done, I promise. But you’re now in the application and experiential part of the work that brings it all together.

The more time you spend in the Clairvoyance System, the more you’ll develop an affinity for how you perceive energy. Sometimes students will tell me that they are frustrated with the lack of visual perceptions, or the quality of what they perceive clairvoyantly.

For example, people will tell me that seeing things in black and white is frustrating, because they won’t believe what they’re seeing is ‘real’ until it’s in color. It would be far better to validate the black and white blobs or images than to invalidate the work by needing it to be something that it currently is not. (Energy flows where attention goes – if you’re seeing something validate it so that you can see more!)

Other people have told me that they’re not using the Clairvoyance System because the few times they practiced yielded minimal results. I suspect that Serena Williams had to practice for countless hours over a lot of years to average an 106 mph serve. If she gave up after a few practice sessions, where do you suppose she’d be? Of course, not all of us are going to be Serena Williams level Clairvoyants. Yet, it’s a skill, not a gift. How do skills get mastered, if not through practice?

Before you move to the meditations, please review and answer the questions in the discussion box below. I’m looking forward to learning about the issue, theme, behavior or belief that you’re going to investigate in this practice.