Read About Programming

Definition: Interconnected psychic pictures (Emotional Energy) moving in waves or patterns of energy in the Aura that collaboratively frame ways of connecting to and discerning the meaning and reaction to experience.  Programming is the energy of the deeply-held beliefs, biases and rules of conduct that the individual carries. Programming is largely unconscious and operates as systems of thought, behavior and action.  Biases and prejudicial thought, fundamental beliefs, constructs of right/wrong, good/evil are examples of Programming.

Programming functions a lot like a circuit board, once the components are defined and assembled, the circuit board will operate predictably and repeatedly. Unless the circuitry is rewired, the programming is in place and operational.

Programming is sometimes correlated to a specific Chakra and set of issues, however, it is not unusual to see Programming housed and operating through multiple layers of the Aura concurrently.  This is because Programming represents conditioned patterns of thoughts and belief.  They assemble as interconnected pictures (emotional energy) resonating across multiple Chakras and their correlative layers in the Aura.

A picture in a Chakra or the Aura is about the size of an iron filing – miniscule unless enlarged psychically to identify the energy of the picture.   Programming is as a series of connected pictures in the Aura, perceived like dust filtered through sunlight, in loose, slow-flowing waves.  It’s a random pattern of miniscule, yet vibrationally similar pictures in motion together in the energy field.

Clearing Programming streamlines the healing process, and for those individuals with an understanding and awareness of energy and clearing strategies, it’s quite effective.  Integration is the key to advanced clearing skills, so a solid understanding of the concept, as well as how Programming has informed the individual’s experience prior to release is important.

Finding and Clearing Programming invites authentic, grounded awareness.  It eliminates pre-conditioned responses derived from historical information that may or may not resonate in current time.

When they Clear Programming, my students and clients often report seemingly spontaneous changes in how information is received, processed and filtered – without pre-conceived biases, beliefs or assumptions coloring their perspective. These shifts often precede or coincide with fairly dramatic evolution and healing in the body, thought processes and belief systems and/or emotional awareness.

Most of us have large bands of energetic Programming housed in the Aura.  It’s interesting to observe yourself when Programming is running.  You might notice that you are communicating with increased vehemence or perhaps applying a drone-like tone that wasn’t present prior to the activation.  Sometimes an implied assumption or projection emerges that “most people” feel the same way as you do about whatever concept is being discussed.

Large systems of Programming include: religious and cultural instruction, family beliefs and biases, themes used to manage behavior in the family (how nice girls or good boys behave), assumptions and biases about differences in others – cultural, monetary/social and religious.  Smaller systems of Programming include individual beliefs and perceptions formed as “truth,” but lacking concrete facts.

Here’s some simple examples of programmed perceptions:

  • all nannies are codependent
  • dog-owners are good people
  • computer programmers lack social skills