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When you begin to use the Clairvoyance System to read and perceive the energy in other people’s chakras and aura, it’s essential to ensure that you are reading the client’s energy, and not someone else’s energy that’s residing in the field.

Everyone has other people’s energy in their field (including you and me). If another’s energy is particularly dominant, or the individual being read has trouble holding their boundaries and owning their emotions, space, and energy, clairvoyant perception can be skewed to the dominant person’s energy, or to the hodgepodge of energies that reside in their field.

In a recent trip to the doctor’s I was asked several questions to confirm my identity, date of birth, last 4 digits of my social security number, and my home address. The medical team was then confident that they were treating me, and not someone else.

To confirm that you’re reading the energy of the person you intend to read, you’ll Set a Reading Frequency.

Yes, it’s true, there’s yet another piece of information to master to conduct a successful clairvoyant reading!

When you Set A Reading Frequency, you are identifying a piece of energy that belongs to the client, and then using that as a resource to locating and dialoguing their energy as a whole, whether viewing a specific chakra, or the aura, or honing in on understanding the energies of other people in their space.

When viewed clairvoyantly, any energy that belongs to you will be vibrant, vivid, bright and scintillating. Any energy that belongs to someone else will be dark, murky, and lacking vibrancy. I like to illustrate this concept by saying that if I was sitting with the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hahn, or some other spiritual master, and the master dumped a bunch of his energy in my field, it would be dark, murky and lacking vibrancy. Because it’s not my own energy.

When you Set a Reading Frequency, other people’s energy fades into the background and you can hone in and perceive the client’s energy more readily. Setting a Reading Frequency also ensures that you are not looking at your own energy when you think you’re looking at a client.

To Set a Reading Frequency, you will:

  • Turn on your Clairvoyance System
  • Put the client’s energy up on your Psychic Screen
  • Zoom in on your client’s crown chakra
  • Ask for energy that belongs to the client to light up in their crown, ‘Show me energy in the client’s crown that represents his or her own energy’.
    • If you see in color, the energy will be bright, clean, clear and vibrant (not pastel, murky, or dark)
    • If you see in black and white (or shades of gray), the energy will be on the lighter side, not dark and murky
    • If you’re struggling with seeing energy, you can simply dialogue the crown chakra and ask, ‘tell me what color is in the client’s crown chakra that represents his or her energy’.
  • Match the client’s color in your crown chakra. This is called ‘moving into rapport’ with the client’s energy. We could also have a little fun and call it ‘matchy matchy’. When you move into rapport, you are creating a relationship with his or her energy so that you can gain context and insight about the client case or situation from an aligned and coherent perspective.

You won’t remain in ‘matchy matchy’. If you do, then there’s no elevated perspective and insights, clarity may not be as clean and appropriate as you’d want them to be. Oxford Dictionary defines rapport as ‘a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.’

The idea of a close and harmonious relationship with a client is obviously appealing and desirable, yet, it’s also really important to have neutrality, a balanced and insightful perspective that illuminates patterns, themes, behaviors and emotional issues so that the client can evolve, grow, shift and heal.

  • To move beyond rapport, into neutrality and elevated perspective, you’ll take the color that you matched and bring your awareness two shades brighter.

View the illustration below for a reasonable but playful visual of how this works.

A couple of fun things to notice:

  1. See if you can sense the ‘lock’ that occurs when you match a color in your crown with a color that’s in your client’s crown. It’s like a gentle thunk in the center of your head when the frequencies jive.
  2. You may also be able to ascertain the second lock, which is a bit more subtle than the matching lock as you raise the frequency two shades brighter.
  3. Once you’re reading on a frequency, images and perceptions are often clearer, cleaner and crisper.
  4. When you’re reading via a frequency, your description of perceptions will, over time and with practice, begin to resonate with the client’s language and mental frameworks.

    If you want an example of this, ask me about the LA-Z-Boy story in our final online call. 

The tricky part of Setting a Reading Frequency is maintaining it throughout a clairvoyant session. When you first begin using the frequency, you’ll potentially forget about it and drop it entirely.

The problem with this is accuracy, knowing whose energy you’re reading, which of course, impacts the integrity of the session itself.

As you begin to be familiar with all of the moving parts of the Clairvoyance System and feel grounded in the work (through lots and lots of practice), you’ll be able to tell when you drop a Reading Frequency.

Q. What to do if you have dropped the frequency?

A. Reset it. Use the same color as previously, match it in your crown, and then raise your frequency 2 shades brighter.

Q. Why else might I drop a reading frequency?

A. When you get lit up by information in the client’s field that resonates with stuff in your field. You might not drop the entire frequency, just the two shades brighter part. When you get lit up, you move into rapport with the client, thus dropping the slightly elevated vibration, losing your perspective and clarity.

Check that you’re running the frequency at the rapport level, if you are, take yourself two shades brighter.

If you’ve dropped the frequency altogether, reset it. Use the same color as previously, match it in your crown, and then raise your frequency 2 shades brighter.

Q. What happens if I forget to Set the Reading Frequency at the beginning of a client session?

A. Truthfully, you’ve made a mistake. Is it the end of the world? Not likely. Do you need to own your mistake? Yes, you do. With the client? Maybe. If you can remember the information you shared in the session, you might remember being too authoritative, or having some judgment or criticism sneaking in to the ‘insights’ being shared. You might have made recommendations that don’t quite ring true when you assess them in the rear view mirror. If this is the case, you might need to have a brief conversation, retracting whatever information was out of alignment.

If not, put the client session up on your Psychic Screen and say, ‘Show me the moment in the session where I dropped the Reading Frequency’. Dialogue the energy, what were we discussing? What was the emotion or issue? Was I looking at a chakra or the aura? Did I get lit up? Did I simply forget to maintain the frequency? Use the session as a learning laboratory so that you can continue to evolve your skill and capacity.

OK, ready to give it a try? Initially, you’ll be practicing without actually looking at someone else’s crown chakra. I’ll be describing colors to you to match and then guide you to raise the frequency two shades brighter.

When we’re in our final, live online call, we’ll practice Setting the Reading Frequency on one another as part of our work on reading energy for others.