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Location:  Analyzer 

The Analyzer is located in front of the Pineal energy, and houses the energy of the rational mind, the concrete intellect.  The Analyzer is shaped like a wedge of cheese or pie, and measures about 4” wide at the top, 1.5” at the bottom and about 2.5” in length.

The Analyzer is an energy center, and while useful for intellectual and practical endeavors, has little role with viewing, discerning and assimilating subtle energy.  Meditators realize that when thoughts come and go during a meditative session, they are engaging and “dipping in” to the energy of the Analyzer, becoming conscious of grocery and to-do lists, random thoughts.  Meditators learn to “thank the thoughts and let them go, returning awareness to the breath, or the silence within.” This is an invitation to return attention to the Center of the Head, the Pineal chakra.

Perceiving the distinct energy of the Analyzer allows the practitioner to train his or her awareness to bypass this space, broadening and cultivating a deeper level and experience of clairvoyance.

When learning to read subtle energy clairvoyantly, it is not unusual for the practitioner to discern information through the Clairvoyant System, and then exit the System to process what is perceived through the Analyzer.  A key word to notice when articulating what is perceived internally or out loud, is “think.”  It’s generally an indicator of information that is being processed through the Analyzer rather than the 6th chakra.

For example, “I saw a large hole in the back of the heart chakra.  I think it has to do with the heartbreak [the client] experienced when her mother died.”

The hole was perceived clairvoyantly, the function or outcome of the hole was decided using the Analyzer.  The reason for the hole in the heart chakra lies in dialoguing with the energy itself, querying its presence and effect on the client.

There is no need to leave the Clairvoyance System to understand or learn the reason for anything that is perceived within the System.

Developing an awareness of the Analyzer and using the chakra clearing skills to clear the energetic space allows the practitioner to minimize the tendency to program clients with their thoughts, beliefs, rules and agendas.  It’s perfectly fine to have thoughts, beliefs, rules and agendas for oneself.  However, overlaying these concepts on to the client creates a layer of judgment and an expectation for outcomes that are both inappropriate and unethical, and can border on malpractice.

Practitioners who have a limited perception of the Analyzer may have issues with boundaries, authenticity and maintaining a sense of self.  Sometimes there is an inability to define one’s thoughts, ideas, desires and beliefs. A lack of grounding can also result in a limited understanding and perception of the Analyzer – this individual’s thoughts are not his or her own, they are generated from external sources.  An inability to set and establish concrete boundaries to govern thought, behavior and action are another indicator of this lack of awareness.  (Boundarylessness is usually a 2nd chakra/Analyzer phenomenon.)

Some practitioners have trouble setting appropriate fees, charging for missed appointments, keeping time and financial commitments.  The desire to be of service and to help overrides the practical aspects of the business of running a healing practice.  Cultivating an awareness of the Analyzer and consistently clearing the space will help the practitioner come in to relation to his or her needs, the needs of clients, and create a deeper sense of autonomy and personal alignment.