Skill – Clearing Cords

Energy is Exchanged in every Interaction with Others

The ideal energetic state is one where the grounding cord with Mother Earth is the sole cord in the energy field. That is ideal. In reality, unless each of us is committed to living in extreme isolation without ever thinking of or engaging with another being, we’ll never have chakras that are fully free of cords.

Cords are an energetic byproduct of communication.  As you observe and learn to Clear Cords, you may be astonished to discover the volume of cords in your chakras.  For many, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th chakras are particularly vulnerable to cords.  Our emotions, volition, compassion and autonomy can be lightning rods that attract other people’s unconscious attention and their energy to our chakras.


The image above does not illustrate energetic cords, but it’s a useful metaphor. Imagine your chakra buried in the middle of all of these cords. Your authentic energy is hampered by all of this ongoing energetic interference. Cords color your personal storyline, and inhibit your ability to be fully Who You Are.

Cords run between individuals and connect to one another’s chakras.  It’s also possible to find a cord between yourself and another that connects to multiple chakras.  The greater the attachment to the relationship, the more cords there will be.

When a cord is discovered within the chakras, it means two things:

  1. there is energy in the field that belongs to others
  2. cords funnel energy from self to other(s) and vice versa.   The cord is the conduit for the transference of energy, which is perpetually ongoing until the cords are cleared. By definition, each individual has less of his or her own energy, and is housing energy that belongs to another.  All energy belonging to “other” influences personal autonomy and dilutes authenticity.

As part of a self-care practice, clear cords with your family, friends, colleagues, partners, lovers — even the Wal-Mart greeter! Believe it or not, those casual, uninspired, transactional connections like we have at the grocery store and the dry cleaners create cords in our chakras!

If there are particular people who you find depleting to your energy, say hello to them when you clear cords. You may discover that your chakras resemble balls of yarn that have been thoroughly tangled by a cat, (or for foodies, a tangled mass of spaghetti).

These cords remain active and vital, constantly exchanging energy until released.  The cumulative effect of cords on the 2nd and 3rd chakras can trigger exhaustion, fatigue and, along with multiple other factors, implications to your health and well-being.

Clearing Cords affords you greater authenticity, reduces the presence of others energy in the chakras, and accelerates or increases your personal vibration.

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