Skill – Repairing Rips, Tears & Holes

Aura maintenance is energy hygiene

Learning to perceive and Repair Rips, Tears and Holes is a basic aura management skill. In other words, most of the time, when you look for them, you’ll find them. The aura is your energetic home. Just as you perform routine housekeeping tasks in your physical home, repairing the aura is ongoing care for your energetic home.

When discovering and Repairing Rips, Tears and Holes is regarded as basic maintenance, or housecleaning tasks, their relevance and importance lose the ominous perception that New Age beliefs convey.

The truth is, someone’s energy may well be riddled with rips, tears and holes. And while these gaps in the aura leak energy, most people still function and have enough energy to go about their lives.

If someone is severely depleted, through physical or mental illness, or highly emotional and sensitive, they may have a perception of the energy leakages that are occurring. In these cases, the rips, tears and holes take on slightly more significance, because the leakages further deplete and diminish vitality. However, the process of filling them, repairing them is so simple, it is still not a major dilemma or problem.

I just don’t feel like myself

I often perceive rips, tears and holes in the field when clients and practitioners describe a vague sense of not feeling like themselves. What they are describing is the dilution of their essential energy and labeling it as ‘not themselves’.

Trauma, accidents, abuse, violence, moments of shock generate energetic imbalances in the aura. The result is a blowout – like a nail in a tire. The rips, tears and holes can extend across multiple layers in the aura, and do not necessarily begin at the outermost layer and work their way inward.

The root cause of a rip, tear or hole may be minor relative to the size and depth of the void in the aura. There is no need to identify root cause to repair the void, nor is there reason to judge a large and broad rip, tear or hole as indicative of extreme trauma or distress.

Rips, tears and holes may extend laterally across the layers, or migrate toward the inner layers of the aura. Wherever they exist, a vacuum is created. The vacuum is filled with other energy, just not necessarily yours.

As part of a routine self-care practice, it’s useful to Repair Rips, Tears and Holes on a regular basis, perhaps 2-3 times a week.

In most cases, the work is completed in the aura in less than 5 minutes.

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