Skill – Setting Auric Boundaries


The Luminous Egg – the Astral Aura

The aura is often referred to as the ‘luminous egg’, referring to the clairvoyant perception of the egg-shaped field of energy that surrounds the body.

When the aura is appropriately boundaried, it is easy to maintain its nice oval shape. Boundaries are not just for maintaining your nice energetic figure! Boundaries are for containing and distinguishing your energy from that of others.

Please let go of the idea of Psychic Protection

This is an important distinction. Many people talk about the need for psychic protection. It’s definitely part of the New Age/Spiritual community lexicon. These good people worry about and want to take action to avoid ‘energy vampires’, feeling invaded or perpetrated on energetically. This can even include the idea of curses and other types of psychic manipulation.

A vitally important lesson to learn as an energy healer, or as an individual working with energetic self-care, is about polarity. Bottom line?

If you need ‘protection’ you also need a ‘perpetrator’ or an ‘enemy’. Someone to defend against.

Polarity is about opposites — black and white, stop and go, right and wrong, victim and victimizer. If  you are focused on protection, you’re actually inviting the very thing you do not want! Psychic protection is a set-up for invasion.

No One Can Infiltrate Your Field Without Your Consent!

Focus on owning your energy — your chakras & aura — Setting Auric Boundaries frequently so that you’re managing your energy field and containing your space. If your energy is set appropriately, you’re not available for invasion. Setting and owning your energy applies a more sophisticated understanding of how energy works, and empowers you to take responsibility for your experience.

The Logistics: 

  • Appropriately set auric boundaries begin with the first layer hugging the body; layers two through seven are oval/egg-shaped, extending out 4-5 feet from the body (about arm’s length).
  • It is not unusual to discover that the auric layers have no boundary definitions.  This is virtually always true of clients who struggle with embodiment and autonomy and Practitioners who channel without a hygienic, conscious process.
  • The aura creates separation between self and other.  Those who struggle with embodiment often have other beings or energies defining and organizing their experience. Energies are free to come and go without the client’s conscious awareness.  This is partially a result of boundarylessness in the aura.  The client has no sense of where he or she starts and stops, and has no conscious awareness of “who’s who in the zoo.”


People who have trouble understanding or maintaining their own and others energetic boundaries often give themselves away, serving others to their own detriment.  These individuals are constantly at the effect of their experiences and have few or no electromagnetic boundaries defining the layers.

Attending to the boundaries of the aura can rapidly shift life experiences and generate different and more appropriate ways of engaging and interacting with others.

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