View & Download the Destroying Contracts Illustration & Skill

I am excited for you. This work is so powerful and evolutionary!

And this is the culminating skill in the Clear course.

A few things of note with this illustration:

  • The round orb that begins above the head and migrates to be ‘face-to-face’ with you is the representation of the Supreme Being.
  • Do notice that the Supreme Being is logically accessed through the Crown Chakra at the top of the head, and that its presence is called from above you.
  • Then fully take in the awareness that the Supreme Being joins you at the table. It serves as witness, observer, holding space, benevolently acknowledging the work that you are doing by yourself, for yourself, with yourself.
  • You complete the work of Destroying Contracts in the presence of this benevolent energy, fully held in your individual awareness and intention. You do the work. They’re your contracts and your choice to destroy.

Ready to practice? The mp3 meditation lasts 6 or 7 minutes. Not very long at all. You’ll get a lot of work done in those few minutes!

As you internalize the skill, you’ll integrate it with other Aura and Chakra clearing skills to create a flexible, resourceful, powerful practice for clearing energy and evolving Who You Are.