Watch the Chakra Overview Video

What’s so important about Chakras?

Well, everything that you are – your body, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, is generated by and through your energy.

And your energy is organized into a system that includes the Chakras and the Aura.

If your life is swimming along beautifully, and all is in flow, your Chakras and Aura are probably in excellent shape!

Perhaps there are areas of your life where you know you’re not at your best. Maybe you have behavioral patterns that you’d like to evolve. Or you carry thoughts and beliefs that limit or undermine your confidence and esteem. People choose to examine their energy system and how it informs and generates action and reaction in relationships.

Energy awareness brings you to the root cause behind whatever isn’t working in your life, relationships, and your reality.

This 45-minute Chakra Overview video gives you important insight into the 3 energy bodies that make up the you that is you!

And it sets the stage for helping you to explore the Astral Energy System, the energy of your emotional body for the duration of this course.

Dive in to the content, get the big picture, and then you’ll be ready to start Clear-ing your energy and evolving your life.