Watch the Introductory Video Copy

Get grounded in what we’ll cover in the Conscious Channeling MasterClass

This is going to be a fun class.

I’ll set the stage for what we’ll be doing with this introductory video. It’s just a few minutes in length, but it outlines how the course will flow, what I need from you as a participant, and what it’s helpful for you to do to thrive with this material.

I’ll set out the course expectations here as well:

  • Show up. The learning happens when you practice the exercises and listen to the mp3s repeatedly. If you don’t do the work, Conscious Channeling doesn’t either! (It kinda stands to reason, right?)
  • Attend the live Q&A and practice sessions prepared with your experiences, questions and insights. If you show up and wait to be fed, you might leave hungry.
  • Be patient and playful. Don’t stress how fast or slow the progress seems to be. You’re learning a whole new set of inner machinery, and sometimes it takes a while for all the gears to turn smoothly.
  • Download the mp3’s and keep them in a file on your computer, tablet or smartphone. They’re meant to be used as often as needed to help you internalize the skills and practices.

Remember that you can return to this course anytime over the next six months to review the materials again. The course will be deleted once the six month period has completed.

Ok, watch the video, then move on to the next activity. You’ll be invited to tell your cohort (and me), a little more about you and your previous experience channeling.

Welcome to Conscious Channeling!