Watch the video about Accessing & Clearing your Psychic Screens Copy

Ready to put the last pieces of the Clairvoyance System mechanics in place?

The Psychic Screen is where the movie is displayed when you’re using the Clairvoyance System. Remember the early metaphor of the movie projector (which is you & the Clairvoyance System)?

Well, the Psychic Screen is the final piece of the metaphor. Just like a movie theater, the screen is how the movie (perceptions) are viewed clearly and distinctly. Without a screen, the imagery is muffled, blurred and largely imperceptible.

There are three Psychic Screens to choose from. You’ll be introduced to each screen in this video, and then you’ll be able to learn more and practice accessing them, and choosing the screen that is most comfortable for you.

Watch the video, and then move forward to learn more about the Psychic Screens.