Watch the video about avoiding your Analyzer Copy

There are two major stumbling blocks when people begin to work with the Clairvoyance System. The Analyzer is one of them.

You’ll learn more in the video, but the pesky Analyzer has a lot of control over your daily functioning, so it’s pretty darn high and mighty.

When used in conjunction with the Clairvoyance System, you’re conceivably skewing the meaning of the information perceived, and you could actually inflict a healing, which is malpractice.

It takes discipline and practice to learn to avoid the Analyzer in a clairvoyant session. I’m sure we’ll wind up talking about it in our live Q&A calls.

Watch the video to learn more about why the Analyzer is not a helpful, viable or useful resource to clairvoyant perception.

Once you’ve completed the video, you’ll move on to some deeper learning on each component of the Clairvoyance System, followed by exploring each of the chakras that make up the system.