Watch the video about your Psychic Screens Copy

Psychic screens are like the screen in a movie theater. When you sit down to watch a movie, before the previews and advertisements for candy and popcorn begin, you’re very aware of the giant screen at the front of the theater.

Then, the action starts. The screen is the mechanism for watching everything that’s about to happen. The ads for giant vats of buttery popcorn, the super-size sodas, the candy and ice cream…all laid out in front of you on the giant screen.

The previews begin to roll, and you make note of what you’d like to see, what you’ll be avoiding.

What happened to your awareness of the movie screen? It got supplanted by the images unfolding on the screen.

You can’t watch the movie without the screen, right? It’s essential to the story unfolding, the crispness of the imagery depends on the screen. But it’s not your focus at all!

Welcome to psychic screens. They focalize the energy you’ll be perceiving, and while essential to the work, they form the backdrop for the images you’ll be viewing.

Watch the video on psychic screens and then proceed to the last video where you’ll become familiar with the big chunk of energy in your head that you use all the time, but can’t use when you’re in the Clairvoyance System.