Watch the video for Engaging the Channeling System Copy

Get Ready, Get Set!

It may seem as though the preparation and activities to get to this point in the process have been extensive. That’s because the learning process is most easily accomplished by breaking down the system into bite-size components. Once you master the 3 steps below, you’ll discover that you can be in the Channeling System in about 3-4 minutes. I know it doesn’t feel like it right now, though!

So far, we’ve learned:

Preparing your Energy to Channel

Setting the Space to Channel

Releasing Guides, Beings and Entities

We’re now going to focus on Engaging the Channeling System. We’re about to get into the heart of things.

Once you learn to operate as a Conscious Channel, you’ll never want to return to channeling unconsciously. The transition to Conscious Channeling is a bit intense. You’ll likely notice sensations that you’re unaware of when you channel unconsciously. The reason for that is…when you channel unconsciously, there’s no one home! You don’t register the sensations, because your consciousness has vacated the premises. It doesn’t mean your body isn’t feeling or sensing them, it’s just that someone or something else is feeling them!

Watch the video and move through the activities that accompany this important lesson. Do take your time here, and sink in to this important learning.