Watch the video on Dialoguing your Astral Energy Body Copy

You’ve learned and practiced a lot of skills in this Masterclass thus far, all of which are designed to lead you to working consciously and coherently in the Clairvoyance System, to view and perceive energy for insight, perspective, clarity, growth and evolution.

Yet this skill has nothing to do with perceiving energy at all! And it’s actually the juiciest, most important one to master.

Truth be told, you do not need the Clairvoyance System to master dialoguing energy. You need curiosity, the willingness to tune in to yourself and your Pineal chakra to gather insight, direction, perspective, clarity and the grace of your knowing.

Often times, this aspect of working in the Clairvoyance System is the easiest one to bypass, to overlook. Because there’s that gnarly Analyzer that wants to insert itself into clairvoyant perceptions and assess and interpret their meaning. Resist!

Learning to dialogue energy is one of the most important tasks that a practitioner who works with energy can master. It keeps them out of their felt-sense, 2nd chakra interpretations, which are always skewed with their own emotional ballast. It creates the opportunity for the client and the practitioner to collaborate in powerful and meaningful ways that support the client’s growth and evolution through the integrity of neutral insight and information.

As a consciously curious learner, becoming facile at dialoguing energy helps you let go of self-judgment, invalidation and the discomfort of not knowing. So often in my client practice, I’m asked to provide the ‘why’, the context behind why a pattern, behavior, belief or theme keeps playing itself out. When you learn to dialogue energy, you can get to the ‘why’ on your own. How empowering!

Watch the video, and then begin the journey of learning to dialogue your energy from within the Clairvoyance System. As you become comfortable staying in the system as you dialogue, you’ll then be pretty well versed at dialoguing energy from your Pineal chakra instead of using your Analyzer to interject its often negative, judgmental, harsh and erroneous information on to your desire to shift, grow, evolve and heal.