Watch the video – your Healing Guide Copy

Hopefully you’re used to the channeling process by now, and you’ve had some great insights from your work with your Lifetime Guide. I find the relationship with my Lifetime Guide to be incredibly fulfilling. It’s been a powerful support to me in times of trial, as well as in times of growth, evolution and expansion.

The same is true for my relationship with my Healing Guide. I connect with my Healing Guide all the time in my client practice, for guidance and insights and for the space/grace to invite healing and evolution for my clients. I don’t always announce his presence to my clients, in fact, I rarely do.

When I began my client practice in the early 1990’s, my service offering was exclusively channeled sessions. Most of the time, I channeled my Healing Guide. People were coming to me to evolve their self-awareness, resolve and let go of pain, stories, illnesses, etc. They were coming for healing.

Your Healing Guide is a resource to you for your evolution, and should you elect to do so, will serve as a resource for offering healing to others.

Watch the video to get anchored into what we’ll be doing in this module, and then move on to the next activity to learn a bit more about your Healing Guide.