What Will You Explore?

Please choose a pattern, behavior, theme or issue that you’d like to shift into something more sophisticated, nuanced, evolved. For example:

If you’ve got a hairpin trigger for anger or defensiveness, that might be a great choice. 

If you lean towards depression or tend to be overly anxious, another good option. 

If you tend to be a caretaker, putting others needs above your own, this could be a stellar exploration. 

Whatever you choose, consider working with it throughout the remainder of this course.

Here’s my rationale for suggesting you choose one pattern, behavior or issue to explore going forward in the course.

Programming is one major energetic construct that influences and dictates behavior. When we operate through rote behaviors and patterns, we’re running our programming.

  • You’ll get to know your energetic overlay. Exploring your patterns and behaviors with the remaining skills, Karma, Agreements and Contracts, will give you a sense of the why behind your actions. It’ll contextualize how your energy has collaborated and and coalesced around the theme, pattern or issue.
  • You’ll develop a clearer and deeper understanding of how to integrate the Aura clearing skills to shift and evolve through and beyond the limiting patterns and behaviors that inhibit your ability to authentically be Who You Are.

Ready to get started?

Grab a piece of paper and pen, or open up a document on your computer. You’ll have a place to make a note or two as you contemplate and choose what you’ll explore.

I invite you to sit down, relax, close your eyes.

Take a few deep, centering breaths.

Ask yourself what pattern, behavior, theme, or issue you’d like to explore

Feel into the pattern, behavior, theme or issue

Do any people come to mind? (Make a note of them.)

What emotions arise? (Make a note of them.)

Is there any place in your body that is registering sensation? (Write this down, too.)

Imagine being free of the pattern, behavior, theme or issue

What words, thoughts, emotions, sensations arise as you contemplate
this potential freedom? (Jot them down.)

Take a few deep, centering breaths.