Why Clear Your Aura

The Microcosm of the Macrocosm – The Aura

Your field of potentiality is most effective when it’s in flow. What impedes flow? All sorts of things – the energy of your stuck patterns, behaviors, the programming and karma you carry in your field. Aura clearing frees up space and incrementally shifts behavior. Who Are You? Aura clearing lets you uncover your selfhood and evolve your experience.

In the 30 years I’ve been practicing energy healing, I’ve heard many practitioners and clients tell me why they primarily focus on either clearing their chakras or clearing their aura.

The rationales sound something like this:

I clear my chakras because I know they’re the energy centers I’m using to experience life in current time. 

I focus on my aura because it delivers energy to my chakras, which I’ll use to create my life and its experiences.

Both of these statements are inherently true. The problem is, the Astral (emotional) energy body is an integrated system consisting of the seven primary chakras and the seven layers of the aura.

If clearing and evolving takes place in only one aspect of the system, clear, viable functionality is only partially assured!

The Aura Holds Your Patterns

At a really practical level, your aura holds your patterns, storing them until you’re triggered in some way to apply a pattern.

For example, if victimization is a pattern that you carry, and someone takes advantage of you, the energy of victimization will lie dormant in your Aura until that moment when you recognize that you’re being victimized. The energy will rise up in the aura, move into the chakras, and then you’ll operate and emotionally connect to your sense of victimization.

If the chakras are all you clear, you’ll almost never access and release your victimization tendencies, unless you clear energy in the exact moment that you’re being victimized! (And clearing may not be  top of mind in the moment that you’re feeling victimized.)

Additionally, the aura shoulders the burden of your external experience. If I hurt your feelings, your chakras will absolutely register the transgression. However, it’s your aura that is most significantly impacted, it’s your aura that is containing your space and holding, manifesting your emotional energy.

So although we register emotional wounds on the inside, our energy body is deeply affected on the outside.

As you increase your awareness of the energetic patterns, beliefs and conditioning that you carry, you can take up the work of evolution.  Learning to clear both the chakras and the aura enables you to thrive, grow, evolve, shift and be-come Who You Are in effective and powerful ways.

Watch the Why Clear Your Aura video, and then you’ll move into working with your aura to shift, evolve, grow and heal.