Your downloadable materials – and an offer for you!

We want you to have the materials from this course to keep on working with your energy. As you evolve your energy, your body, mind, spirit and emotions will shift. Please feel free to download them here.

As you learned in the teaching videos, our complex beliefs need attention and focus to support their shifting through aligning with Who You Are and what you consciously choose.

Keep on using the guided meditation. It doesn’t have to be every day, all day. But do consider doing the meditation several times a week. Let Jill’s voice guide you through the process until you have it internalized.

Know that you can return to the course at anytime and watch the video again. Please, download the materials, because they’re the things that will move the needle on your emotional awareness.

An Offer for you

If you’d like to purchase the remaining chakra and aura clearing skills that we share with students in our CLEAR course, use coupon code beliefs for a 20% discount on the tuition – you’ll save $50. We’d be thrilled to have you own all of the skills, because they can be layered into your Bodacious Beliefs clearing protocol in any way you choose.

When you have all the tools, you’ve got all the power!

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Next steps:

Whether or not you choose to buy CLEAR, we’d love to have you move to the final step in the course and leave us a review. Your fellow learners make decisions to deepen their learning based on feedback from those who have come before.

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