Are you ready to take your client practice to a new level of success, professionalism and visibility?

We embrace and work with all types of practitioners at EHI; we’re modality neutral. Our consulting clients work with us to launch and grow their client practices and healing centers. We are actively working with practitioners who offer a variety of modalities in their client practice:

  • therapeutic services – psychotherapists and social workers, clinical practitioners, mental health counselors
  • bodywork – massage, craniosacral, myofascial, yoga, pilates, personal trainers
  • integrative and medical services – nurses, physician assistants, clinicians, biomagnetic therapies, naturopaths, chiropractors
  • energy healing

Strategic Client Management in your Client Practice

We routinely hear practitioners refer to their challenges with specific client-centric issues in their client practice. We’ve curated the top client management concerns that we frequently address to cover them in our first 1.5 days, building strategic and tactical foundations for upping your capacity and authority as a practitioner.

We’ll uncover how to:

Identify the core issues the client is seeking to resolve. There’s often lots of story, characters, behaviors, emotions and repetitive patterns — disguised as plot twists —that can run the show without the client’s complete awareness. It’s incumbent on you to get to the heart of things without being distracted by subplots, tangential data and possibly, your client’s resistance, deflection and bypass. You’ll create a core client management strategy to dig in and suss out the client’s core issues to clarify the work and hone your treatment strategy. 

Help your clients make the connection between what’s going on in their physical body with what’s unresolved in their emotional body and awareness. When the symptoms of an illness take center stage, and emotional trauma and pain are blanketed, complete healing is often reclusive. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of the energy of the Mind-body Connection and leave with strategies, information and resources for bridging the Mind-body gap with your clients. 

Facilitate a dialogue with your client to invite them to dig in and embrace their inner work. Resistance, ‘just fix me’, dependency on you to resolve the clients concerns — without the client taking responsibility for and owning their healing — leads to practitioner burnout. It’s not a winning strategy for you or your clients! There’s also possibly some sneaky caretaking behaviors going on in your unconscious awareness that enables this pattern to flourish. Let’s get this handled! Your clients need to do the work and deserve to fully heal, and you can thrive in your client practice while holding the work lightly and effectively!

Support a client’s deep emotional release in a boundaried, professional way. Sometimes practitioners are uncomfortable when a client has a spontaneous emotional release. Sometimes they feel concerned and worried about whether the client is all right. We’ll develop approaches to invite deep emotional release in your client practice and help you feel comfortable when it occurs.

Business Development in your Client Practice

A waiting list in your client practice takes time to achieve. A full practice is usually achieved through consistent effort and strategic approaches that embed you in your local and/or online community. A robust, ever-growing email list is key to a thriving, standing room only practice! We’ll dig into three key biz dev strategies to grow your list and fill your practice:


Design 2 workshops to deliver to potential clients and colleagues to build your list, grow your client base and referral network, and increase your outreach in your local and/or online community


Develop a series of topics and ideas that showcase you, your thought leadership and your offer, to apply to a content strategy to grow your list and increase your visibility

Lead Magnets

Creating complimentary, value-based giveaways for your website that invite people to sample your offer and expertise, and to grow your best asset – your mailing list

How do the 2.5 days unfold?

We’ll meet on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday at a bright, centrally located space in Portland’s Old Port. The Old Port is filled with restaurants, shopping, the beautiful waterfront – it provides all the goodness of Portland!

On Saturday evening, you may wish to participate in a group dinner. I’m considering a location on one of the Harbor Islands, accessible to us by a 30-minute ferry ride. The harbor is beautiful at night, and you’ll get a unique perspective of the city as we cruise across the harbor and back.

The schedule is outlined below, and there’s downtime built in for long lunches, a reasonable starting and ending time. We’re not doing this in a Type-A format, we’re practitioners, not corporate clones! 🙂

Workshop Schedule

Friday, October 6 – Getting to the Heart of the Case

2:00-6:00 Identifying root cause of a client’s issue – and how to frame it for evolving their experience

Saturday, October 7 – Deepening Your Understanding

10:00-12:00 – Mind-body connection – how the body and emotions intersect

2:00-4:00 – When clients don’t heal – how to invite clients into their work

4:30-6:00 – Holding space for deep emotional release – making deep release easy, comfortable and powerful (for both of you)

7pm – Optional Group Dinner

Sunday, October 8 – Growing Your Practice

10:00-12:00 – Workshop strategies to build your list, acquire clients, generate referrals – create 2 workshop designs to launch in your community or online

2:00-4:00 – Content strategies for growing your audience, thought leadership through your website, and perhaps podcasts, video and social media – develop a series of topics and bullet points to apply to a content strategy when you get home

4:30-6:00 –  Lead magnets – high value, complimentary content to invite engagement, showcase your modality and knowledge, & grow your list

Fees & Logistics

Early Bird Workshop Fee – $750 until September 9, register with $200 non-refundable deposit, 2 payments of $275

September 10 – $850, register with $200 non-refundable deposit, 2 payments of $325

Note: Lodging and travel, meals are not included. Airbnb is recommended in the following areas: Munjoy Hill, downtown or the East or West End. If you choose an airbnb outside of this area, you may not be within walking distance to the Old Port, so your Uber costs will be higher, or you may choose to rent a car. These areas are safe and absolutely walkable to the workshop location.

Are you ready to uplevel your client practice?