Practitioner Intro

From Energy Foundationals to Energy Professionals

You’ve completed The Present of Presence - I hope the content and concepts landed in your energy lexicon as authentic, grounded and practical.

There are four broad categories of practitioners who end up in the energy healing programs at EHI, and I’m wondering where you might fit:

Whatever your modality or career phase, I would love to have you consider the practitioner programs at Energy Healing Institute. You’ll begin with the Astral (emotional) body, the chakras and aura system that are most familiar to people, and that guide our context and meaning for each of our life experiences.


EHI’s program could be your next step if you’re:

  • ready to invest in personal and professional growth and inner (r)evolution
  • aware that learning energy healing is a commitment to yourself and your community, a pathway to service and sovereignty
  • seeking a program and mentor that prepares you to work deeply and comprehensively with your clients to foster growth, healing and intentional focus on actualizing their lives

If you feel stimulated and aligned with these ideas, let’s connect.

I’ll be thrilled to learn about your interest and desire to study energy healing to offer in your client practice.

To your energy healing (r)evolution!

"I do this work because I believe in the body's innate ability to heal. I believe in the process that occurs when someone moves into inner alignment and energetic coherence."

Jill Leigh