Working with energy means working with multiple systems in the human body. There’s lots of information online about chakras and the aura, but if it’s not learned in the context of a cohesive system, then it’s possible to create incongruence in your own energy field, and in your clients fields.

With energy healing being increasingly incorporated into mainstream healthcare, it’s important to learn how to work in an integrated manner with the various energy bodies, so that the work is grounded, effective and does no harm. Our programs build upon one another and are designed to support practitioners to do really good work with their clients – to encourage agency, evolution and healing.

Jill Leigh

Be clear, clean, and conscious

The protocols and practices that you’ll learn in EHI’s Evolving the Astral Body and Evolving the Etheric Body will assist you with healing and evolving your own, as well as your clients’, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages. You will be learning and embodying a fully integrated, systems-based approach to conscious healing that incorporates energy hygiene, clarity of intent and conscious action. The third practitioner program (Level 3), Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause, will take your work into top tier echelons.

When Intentions Aren’t Enough

Intentions are essential, and can be extremely powerful aids for personal growth and evolution, but they’re only effective when aligned with your core beliefs. Your intentions will be consistently undermined if you are harboring negative self-beliefs or thought patterns. A beautiful benefit of the EHI courses is that every protocol you learn can be applied to your own energy field, helping you expand your personal level of mastery.

Effectively Integrating Energy Healing into your Personal Practice

Students must:

Study deeply.

Learn a systems-based approach to healing.

Be willing to unlearn or refine areas that are preventing growth

Practice intentionally and coherently.

Avoid New Age/Woo based teachings, rainbows and unicorns

EHI’s Practitioner Programs

Begin with Evolving the Astral Body: The Heart of the Why. Behaviors, patterns & themes, emotions and relationships are explored and evolved with the chakras and aura. First and foremost, within yourself, so that you can model the skills and support your clients as they shift, heal, evolve and grow.

Upon certification in the Astral program, practitioners are eligible to attend Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting Physical Healing. As an expanding practitioner, you’ll learn how to treat and support the Etheric body as it heals from illness, disease and somatic patterns downloaded from the Astral body. Integrated sessions are usually 70% Astral and 30% Etheric. It’s a powerful skillset and offering for clients in your practice.

The third program, Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause brings the practitioner into a level of mastery with working from a client’s diagnosis to assess root cause and develop and apply powerful treatment strategies, offer cohesive support for the client’s at home personal practice and to see how to integrate healing at the deepest of levels, including factors beyond the Astral and Etheric material that is applied in any energy healing treatment.