Astral Installments

$845.00 / month for 6 months

A comprehensive, experiential, online, video-based practitioner program for working with clients in the Astral/emotional chakras and aura


Beginning the path of an energy healing practitioner requires a deep commitment to learning and practicing, strong direction from a qualified, professional instructor with deep experience in the field, and a set of effective protocols that support the student’s evolution into a high-level practitioner. This is a course of study that asks for your time, presence, and dedication; be sure to choose a program that prepares and supports your journey in the most thorough way.

The Astral Practitioner Program requires 120 hours of learning time, now offered in a fully online format. If you want to learn a system-based energy healing modality, along with the fundamentals of designing and running a successful client practice, this course may be what you’re seeking.