The Rawness of Transition

Transition is Tender

I remember the tenderness I felt when I shared the post, Messages, Passages, Assimilation while cleaning out my parents Connecticut house in early 2013. My skin felt like it was turned inside out – chafed, raw and oh-so-fragile.

What a huge transition for our family to let go of my parents beloved retirement home. Their legacy shifted from form and substance to memories and essence.

There have been other moments of raw and tender emotions since then. But  few as poignant for me as what I’m experiencing right now.

Visibility & Presence

Energy Healing Institute is closing.

Thank you and farewell
Thank you and farewell


It’s a transition from invisibility to a different kind of presence in the world.

In so many ways, this transition is inconsequential. What I did yesterday, I’ll do today and tomorrow – for the foreseeable future, in fact.

However, I’m opening to new possibilities, and moving a barrier to access that once served as home for my business life.


This is me.
This is me.


I am in the progress of moving content and context to a new website, It’s a gradual process, there’s a lot of work to do to rewrite training offerings and shift focus on how I’ll be offering content in the future.

And it’s huge. For me.


It’s an interesting thing to move away from a business model and identity that served me well for many years.

Since the Spring, the model has chafed. I have felt dissastisfied, ill-at-ease and aware that I had evolved substantially and my business needed to catch the hell up with me!

I bought my domain name years ago, because why not? It’s me. I want to own it all! I didn’t know that I’d actually use the domain, yet here I am.

A reflection of ownership for sure, and mastery to be certain. And it’s a recognition that I am all that I need. I am Jill Leigh.


The rawness comes from this fascinating and bizarre sense of exposure. Energy Healing Institute was once a vibrational form that housed my work.

It now feels like an energetic fortress that I am housed within.

What once held space is now confining.

And there’s a definite rawness that comes from stepping out of that energetic fortress.

I’ll never turn back, I’ll never find myself within those walls again. I’m grieving and I’m grateful.

Taking Time To Reflect

This transition has taken me months to address. And many of the answers to the questions about the evolution of what I’ll offer, how I’ll proceed are largely unknown.

I’m moving at the pace of guidance. As the answers unfold, I respond and act. In between, I meditate and wait. I infuse my energy with intention. I clear what no longer resonates. I’m feeling my way forward, in a field of gracious flow.

It’s an act of grace to stay in this flow. It’s an act of grace to be still, listen and choose my actions carefully.

Your Transitions

I’m sharing this because so many of us are in transition, are moving through and beyond old paradigms, beliefs, structures.

The rawness is worth articulating. It’s worth acknowledging. Because as it ebbs, there’s a glistening fresh, clean energy for creating the lives we want.

I see it right out in front of me, and each step forward is brighter, cleaner and clearer.

Thank you, Energy Healing Institute.

Thanks to all of you for being part of this journey. More to come as things unfold.

Here’s to new beginnings — in whatever way you’re moved to transition and evolve, let the vital energy flow!




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2 thoughts on “The Rawness of Transition”

  1. Hello Jill,

    Maybe, that’s what living is….transitions, evolving, new beginnings. I have been experiencing a lot of that as well, and it is indeed challenging!

    I will look forward to and all that it will offer!!

    Let the vital energy flow!!


    • Hi Marlene, I think evolving and transitions is what life is all about. It’s challenging – and freeing! As old forms fall away, new ones emerge. I generally find that whatever is evolving is about finding a new way of being that is more akin to who I am.

      So I try to embrace the challenges, love what is, and move forward! So good to hear from you! Big hugs, Jill


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