Developing coherent protocols

Coherent protocols emerge from practice

A coherent protocol becomes easier to create over time. As you work with your expanding client practice, you’ll start to realize that there are typical patterns, issues, behaviors that people seek energy healing to address and resolve. Typical client issues include:

Toxic behaviors, such as self-hatred, anxiety, depression, paranoia, perseveration
Difficult relationships
Stuck, blocked, unable to move forward
Empathic sensitivity, or taking on other people’s stuff

Protocols can be developed for typical client issues and then used repeatedly, tweaking as needed for specific language regarding people, emotions, patterns, beliefs.

Here’s a protocol I use repeatedly when anyone comes into my client practice struggling with embodiment (and possibly beings & entities as a side effect).

Embodiment Protocol

Intention: I am present and embodied, choosing to consciously engage in my experiences and interactions.

Set Feet chakras to 60-70% open
Set 2nd chakra to 15-25% open
Set Crown chakra to 15-25% open
Set Hand chakras to 15-25% open
Set Auric Boundaries

I can create this protocol as an mp3 recording and either sell it for a nominal fee, or perhaps give it away if I feel so inclined. (Protocols can be ancillary products that you create and sell to your clients to help them do their work on their own.)

Protocol Formula for common energy issues

  • Create an ‘I Am’ intention
  • Identify the core skills that you want the client to apply
  • Begin and end each protocol with Grounding, a call to presence in the beginning of the protocol, and an anchoring at the end.
  • Start with clearing in the chakras – Mine vs. Not Mine, Clearing Emotional Energy, Clearing Cords
  • If Mine vs. Not Mine is an important aspect of the protocol (which it generally is with those who have wide open 2nd chakras), then ALWAYS, WITHOUT EXCEPTION pair it with Clearing Emotional Energy.
    Having someone give back emotional energy that belongs to others is an important task. Clearing Emotional Energy that belongs to the client is equally essential. Repeat for emphasis: ALWAYS, WITHOUT EXCEPTION pair Clearing Emotional Energy with the Mine vs. Not Mine skill.
    The logic behind this is: if you teach someone to give back their anxiety to other people, but don’t teach them how to clear the anxiety that belongs to them, you’re only providing a partial solution to a major issue. I don’t wait to teach these two skills across two sessions. I subtract a few minutes from the tablework portion of the session to ensure I’m teaching both skills together, because you want the client to do them together. First, hand back what belongs to others. Then, clear what belongs to you.
    Make sense? It’s a pretty simple rationale, so do yourself and me a favor and consider it a Rule of Law to teach these two skills together! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  • Name the emotions, patterns, behaviors, beliefs with the skills – Say Hello to grief, rage, anxiety…etc.
  • Name the people and players – Say hello to Mom, Sister, Boss, Husband, Oldest son, Best friend…etc.
  • Layer in a skill or two in the aura.
    • When behavioral or emotional patterns are the client issue, I usually choose Releasing Programming.
      • Name the emotions, patterns, behaviors, beliefs – Say hello to grief, rage, anxiety…etc.
    • If the case is more relationship based, I might choose Clearing Karma or Releasing Agreements.
      • Name the people and players – Say hello to Mom, Sister, Boss, Husband, Oldest son, Best friend…etc.
  • Replenish the chakras and the aura – Running Energy
  • Close the session – Set the chakras, Set chakra partnerships, Set auric boundaries, Ground
    • Provide each one of the chakra setting percentages, define each partnership, guide the process of setting auric boundaries, and repeat the grounding process.

Aim for 20-25 minutes for a protocol. Not every skill is used, not every chakra is cleared. Work the case and define which chakras are cleared based on the client’s experience and story. (Where do they feel it in their body is a powerful resource for defining a clearing strategy.)

Protocols are tools for evolution, and have specific value

Protocols extend your service offering and provide you with an additional income stream. If it takes an hour to build and record a protocol, charge your session rate to create one. When you deliver a protocol to a client, you’re investing time and energy to think through the skills to apply, working with their intention, creating a document that articulates the protocol, and an mp3 that they can download and listen to guiding them through the skills. This is a product, charge appropriately.

Know when to sell a protocol

  • When you’ve begun to establish a relationship with the client and they are motivated to use the couple of skills you’ve taught them, but are perhaps struggling with how to apply the skills, a protocol is a logical next step.
  • When the client is only sporadically using the skills because they aren’t sure they’re doing them right or are getting things in the right order.
  • When the client likes to feel as though s/he’s getting special value or unique attention and is comfortable paying for add-on services.

I know you have a few skills to work with now, sometimes clients feel a little bit confused about how to apply the skills at home in concert with the work we’re doing together in the office. Would you like me to create an mp3 protocol for you to download and listen to until you’re anchored into the practice work? It’ll take about an hour to create, so I charge the same rate as a regular session, $XXX.

Protocols may take a while to feel comfortable developing

If you feel like you have a client who needs a protocol, but feel uncertain about developing one, bring your ideas on what to create for the client to an upcoming office hours session, or if you want a deeper tutorial on developing protocols, book a one-on-one supervision session with Jill. A professional, branded presentation of the materials is important if you are going to charge a full session rate and you want the protocol to be perceived as useful and viable. Be sure to include a written protocol, complete with skill illustrations, your logo and business name, the client’s name, his or her intention, and the mp3 recording for the client to download. This is a great product that brands your business and speaks to the quality and coherence of your work.

Next steps:

To get you started on the thought of developing protocols, and to offer you a model for doing so, please feel free to download the Embodiment Protocol and use it with your clients who struggle with embodiment. Then proceed to the two essential protocols for an Astral practitioner to have in their toolkit. When you complete these protocols, you’ll be entering the practicum phase of the program!