Download & Practice Clearing Obstructions, Constrictions & Blockages

The full name for this Skill is Clearing Obstructions, Constrictions & Blockages

Rest easy, they’re one and the same. People working with energy refer to them by these three names most of the time. So I included them all to reach the widest possible audience. Whatever name works for you – so be it!

Generating Flow

As you release these obstructions from your field, you’re generating flow. When your aura is flowing, you’ll find that you’re growing. It’s not dissimilar to Newton’s Law of Motion. An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion, unless acted up on by an external force.

If you’re stuck, you’re at rest and Clearing Obstructions will get you moving again. If you’re in motion, your aura is likely more free flowing than not. If you encounter a force, such as resistance, limiting beliefs, or a comprehensive and systemic behavioral pattern, your energy will follow suit and you’ll inhibit authentic flow and creation.

As you Clear Obstructions, Constrictions and Blockages, you’ll generate a lighter, more spontaneous ability to create, engage and move through life experiences.

Practice Clearing Obstructions, Constrictions and Blockages. Pay attention to any shifts or space opening up in your aura. Remember to download the mp3 and skills for your reference library.

Now proceed to the summary on Clearing Obstructions to complete this Lesson.