Download & Practice Engaging the Occipital and Medulla Chakras

If you’d like to practice more deeply

You’re going to practice Engaging the Occipital and Medulla Chakras, and you might want to begin to practice these in concert with the other Energy Hygiene skills you already have in your toolkit that you learned in the Astral practitioner program.

If you’d like to do this, stand up, put all of your Astral hygiene in place. Then, play the Syncing the System mp3, followed by Engaging the Occipital and Medulla Chakras.

There’s a couple more hygiene skills coming your way beyond this, but as you’ll remember from the Astral program, your hygiene indirectly benefits the client, it’s what they unconsciously expect, but not what they consciously pay for. Getting your hygiene implementation down to a minute or two is essential. Having your client lying on the table for 4-5 minutes while you’re walking yourself through hygiene practices is unacceptable and irresponsible. I know, strong words. While you’re working with practice clients, you can get away with a little extra time on energy hygiene, however, the sooner you integrate these tools, the more deeply you can go with the actual client work itself. My suggestion to you is that as you layer on each additional hygiene skill, you practice each one of them in concert with all of your hygiene.

Next steps:

Once you’ve downloaded the mp3 and pdf files and practiced the skill a couple of times, move ahead to hear what practitioners have to say about these two important chakras.