Download & Practice Syncing the System

Stand up to practice this skill

In just a few moments  you’ll listen to the mp3 meditation and practice applying this skill. When I feel particularly embedded in one way of thinking or behaving, for example, if I’m too plugged in to my desk and not plugged in enough to my joy, freedom, puppy, pleasure, I’ll stand up and practice Syncing the System. Doing so doesn’t mean I’ll ignore my business or work for the rest of the day, but it does mean that I’ll expand beyond my to-do’s and important tasks to enjoy myself, my life and I’ll own my choice to be engaged in work instead of consumed by it. So powerful!

What about you?

Do you have trouble with task completion? Are you spacy and unfocused? (ground, please) Are you too focused on tasks and not enough on pleasure and joy? Do you doodle endlessly in meetings while missing important assignments and tasks, deadlines?

Even if none of these examples are not typical for you, or for your clients, we all spend the majority of our time in the most dominant side of our brain. Finding balance is a beautiful thing, and it’s essential for working with energy! Ironically, if your energy isn’t in balance, you can’t bring your client’s energy into balance. Applying the Syncing the System skill enables you to cultivate this balance, and over time, find a more balanced approach to your life as a whole.

Next steps:

Download the pdf and mp3 files for your reference library, and then listen to the meditation while standing up so that you can have full awareness of the process, and the alignment that occurs as you work with Syncing the System. I hope you love this simple tool as much as I do! Then you’ll proceed to listen to what other practitioners have to say about this fabulous resource!