Minor Chakras

Every Organ, Gland, Joint, System – thousands and thousands of chakras!

We’ve already identified the major chakras as the transformers that are receiving and regulating energy flows from the macro flow to the micro. The organs, glands, joints, systems are the micro – though, of course, some systems are quite substantial, like the digestive, respiratory, and circulation systems. There are thousands of chakras that make up the body human, and it is important to understand that these chakras are energy delivery systems. Ideally, the major and minor Etheric chakras would receive energy from the major chakras, the nadis, the aura; the energy would be used to fuel the body systems, and when consumed, be released from the field so that fresh, vital pranic energy could be brought into the body to create a cyclical energy flow.

Minor Illness

Let’s step back for a minute and think about a minor illness, such as a rhinovirus, the common cold. For some, the rhinovirus creates a stuffy head, runny nose, perhaps a headache and/or low-grade fever. For others, the rhinovirus bypasses the sinuses, or touches there briefly, before anchoring into the chest, a sore throat, coughing, again, perhaps fever and headache. I can’t tell you the exact number of chakras involved in either the head cold or the chest cold, but there’s a bunch!

The virus was perhaps breathed in or picked up through aerosol spray of saliva from an infected colleague or friend. The mouth and/or nose are involved in this scenario. Lots of chakras there! Then the cold moves to the sinuses, or perhaps to the chest, chakras upon chakras.

As the virus and the Etheric body interact, the chakras associated with the head or chest cold will be encumbered, bogged down. The energy flow becomes sluggish, the energy distributed to the organs from the chakras is low quality and perhaps in diminished quantity as well. The organs then lose their vibrancy and vitality, and it’s the virus for the win! Until the Etheric body begins to restore and replenish; the immune system rises up, vitality begins to return, and the virus is vanquished, you feel great again!

Nothing happens physically that doesn’t first happen energetically.

Major Illness, Disease or Syndrome

When there’s a disease or illness, a syndrome or malaise, energy is always in the room. With a minor or short-term illness, there may be an issue of physical fatigue, or even an emotional shock or issue that contributes to the onset of the disease. For example, upon the death of a family member, one of my siblings caught a virus and was sick longer than the usual 5-7 days. He was down for almost two weeks! The emotional turmoil, the physical strain of the loss of the family member contributed to him going down hard with the virus, and returning to vitality more slowly.

Many of EHI’s integrative practitioners treat complex illness and disease, such as auto-immune, nervous system dysregulation, Lyme and co-infections, and a host of other diseases and illnesses. There is a startling and profound correlation between chronic illness, auto-immune function and unprocessed, unresolved emotional trauma or wounds. These practitioners consistently report the need for clients to dig more deeply into the emotional and spiritual aspects of their illness. As they treat the disease or illness, they are always inviting the emotional body to the table, to release, let go and surrender what it is holding (and conceivably suppressing) so that the physical body can continue to heal. The connection is so often referred to, you’ve heard the phrase countless times: Mind-Body-Spirit.  Yet so often, clients and also practitioners discount the Mind-Spirit connection in the attempt to resolve whatever is occurring in the body.

As you move forward with the Etheric program, know that you’ll run integrated sessions when your clients come to see you with a physical concern. You won’t address the Astral in a vacuum, nor will you treat the Etheric as a standalone treatment the majority of the time. Part of the awareness of ‘Less is More’ with the Etheric body is the understanding that the thousands upon thousands of chakras have to integrate and rebalance when shifts occur in the field. It is not unusual, and usually the right formula to conduct a 70% Astral, 30% Etheric session for a complex physical issue.

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